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Online High School English Courses

* denotes a 0.5 credit (1 semester course)

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You Need 4.0 English Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin. If you're planning on going to college, we recommend supplementing with some AP classes to impress admissions and to save money on college credit.

Online High School English Classes

Basic Grammar to AP English, eAchieve Delivers Unrivaled Online Literature Studies

English is a core subject taught in both traditional and online high schools.

Our English department offers a variety of classes. Our course selection covers the fundamentals of the English language, increases an understanding and appreciation of the fine arts and great literary works and fosters critical thinking, creativity and writing skills.

Study Online and Earn 4.0 English Credits Toward your Wisconsin High School Diploma

Students enrolled in our online high school English courses study great authors and have the opportunity to read both American and British literature.

Our English programs are designed to prepare students for college courses they might take in the future and build a lifelong appreciation for great literature. These courses are challenging and develop key analytical skills to help them excel in daily life.

Each year, eAchieve Academy students are enrolled in a different English class focusing on new authors, teaching new skills and offering new challenges.

Pre-AP and AP English courses are available, along with many elective courses like creative writing and composition.

English 9 Pre-AP English 9 English 10 Pre-AP English 10
AP English American Literature Pre-AP American Literature British Literature
Basic Grammar Communication Composition Creative Writing
Literary Exploration Reading Comprehension    




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