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Free online high school elective courses for WI students

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You Need 6.5 Elective Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin.

Our online academy promotes a well-rounded education with elective courses

Free online high school elective courses for Wisconsin studentsTake elective classes online and earn your high school diploma on your own time at your own pace. 

eAchieve Academy offers students an array of elective classes as part of our unique online approach to learning outside a traditional classroom setting. Students have the freedom to select the courses they find intriguing – keeping them fully engaged in learning new things.

Our high school electives are very similar to same classes offered in a public school system, and are the courses required for receiving a high school diploma.

Full-time & part-time online students can take our electives

Full-time online high school students can fill up their schedule each semester with a combination of core courses and electives.

Part-time online high school students keep attending their current school, and enroll in one or two online classes through eAchieve.

High school electives for homeschoolers

Our online high school electives were designed based on how students learn at home. Shaped around the homeschooling method, eAchieve’s program features a wide selection of electives for homeschool students to choose.

Homeschoolers are welcome to enroll in our online elective courses. Take up to two online classes each semester to supplement your homeschool curriculum.

From hobby interests to future career paths, our course electives encourage students to grow as individuals and get an idea of where their field of work might be.

Why are electives important in high school?

Elective courses are important because they give high school students the opportunity to study topics outside the required courses based on individual interests. For college-bound high schoolers, your choice of elective classes gives colleges more insight into your academic abilities, and gives you a taste of what choosing your own college courses will involve.

Elective courses also reinforce many of the learning skills needed to succeed in core classes, like reading, writing, communication, research and more.

Motivated students can choose their high school elective classes strategically to make their transcript more attractive to a specific university or get a head start in coursework that will prepare them for a future college major or career path.

What is an elective credit?

Core courses aren’t the only requirements for a high school diploma – students also need a certain amount of elective credits. An elective is a course outside the school’s core curriculum. Students have the opportunity to customize their schedule somewhat when considering elective credits. Most choose to earn elective credits in a subject of personal interest, or to learn skills they think will be valuable in college or in a career.

Do electives affect your GPA?

Yes, grades in elective classes count as part of a student’s GPA. When colleges look at high school transcripts, some will recalculate the GPA by leaving out grades from non-core classes. They will, however, look at your class rank, which is based on all the classes you’ve taken in high school. So, even if an elective is unrelated to academics (for example drama, guitar, or chef foods), the grade you get in it will either help or hinder your GPA.

What electives should I take in high school?

Every student has unique interests and skills, and choosing electives is a highly personal decision. However, there are some types of electives all students should consider. Specifically: a foreign language, life skills, computer applications, and personal finance. These are all classes that will benefit you both in college and in life after college.

Do universities look at electives?

Yes, but it’s not a make or break factor in getting admitted. College admissions officers primarily look to see if you’ve been challenging yourself academically. So, while it’s ok to take an elective that looks like it will be fun, anyone planning to go to college should also be taking academically challenging electives, as well as ones that teach valuable life skills.

How To Enroll In Online Electives

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