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Online High School Business Education Classes

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Business classes offered by online high school prepare important skills in personal finance, accounting and entrepreneurship

Online Business Education Classes for High Schoolers

Prepare for Personal and Business Finance with Online Courses

From finance to marketing, eAchieve Academy provides a holistic business education. Foundational classes like entrepreneurship, personal financial planning and accounting build a solid understanding of the business world. This knowledge is invaluable for personal use.

Our business education department is designed to meet a wide variety of student needs.

eAchieve Academy is focused on preparing students both for rigorous college courses and the challenges of managing their personal finances. Some of our business education courses are geared towards eventual career paths.

Our curriculum provides real-world preparation. Online high school students learn important skills for use in the workplace while gaining a general knowledge and understanding of the constantly evolving world of business.

From basic accounting to event marketing, our online high school business education classes prepare students to be financially responsible adults.

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Entrepreneurship Personal Financial Planning Sports and Event Marketing

Online schooling sounds good, but I need some more information.

No problem. We’ve got lots of information about the online schooling process for you to consider. Here are some of the most common questions students and parents ask about an online K12 education:

How does virtual learning with eAchieve Academy work?

It’s pretty simple: enroll, pick the courses you want to take and get it done. Online high school courses can be catered to your schedule and specific education requirements. MORE >>

What are the advantages of online courses over traditional public schooling?

Not every student thrives in a regular public school environment – many find greater independence in scheduling and completing online courses at their own pace. There are lots of benefits. MORE >>

Are online high school diplomas legitimate?

Yes. Diplomas earned from eAchieve Academy are indistinguishable from any other attained from the School District of Waukesha. MORE >>

How many credits do students need to graduate from eAchieve Academy?

Same as any other high schooler in Wisconsin. eAchieve Academy online courses offer students a flexible way to attain college credit or make up for missing credits. MORE >>

What about socialization or opportunities for other extracurricular activities?

eAchieve Academy understands the concern about social interaction between students. We offer plenty of options for group events, clubs, field trips and more occasions for social interaction & skill development. MORE >>

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