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Online High School Art Classes

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You Need 6.5 Elective Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin. All of these courses qualify!

High School Art Classes Online

Discover Art's Past and Explore Its Future with Our Art Courses

Our Wisconsin online high school art department encourages budding artists to explore their creativity.

With avid, dedicated instructors, each art student will get hands-on art experience which can be completed according to each student’s schedule.

We even offer an AP art course for those with a passion for art history.

Individuals currently enrolled in a homeschool program or at a Wisconsin district school can sign up to participate in an eAchieve Academy arts program to supplement their existing coursework.

Our art courses are focused on understanding art’s past, and preparing for its future.
AP Art History Digital Drawing and Painting

Online schooling is a good idea, but I need some more info before enrolling.

Sure thing. Switching from a traditional K12 learning path is a big deal for young students looking for an alternative. We address the most common questions concerning what online school means for Wisconsin students & parents:

How does the online learning and course curriculum work?

The online learning path can be catered to your student’s unique needs. Incorporate online classes as a part-time supplement or as a full-time replacement to brick-and-mortar K12 education. MORE >>

What are the benefits of online high school?

Online school means many different things to many different types of students. The constants are 1) more flexible scheduling 2) you can learn at your own pace 3) you have a greater variety of classes to choose from. There’s more… MORE >>

Are online high school diplomas legitimate?

Absolutely. A diploma attained through eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable from any diploma issued by the Waukesha School District. MORE >>

How many credits do online students need to graduate high school in WI?

Same as any other. Online schooling gives you more ability to hit your credit count with the classes you really want to take. MORE >>

Will homeschool students have opportunities to attend group events, field trips or clubs?

Yes. There are no shortage of options for students to get together with other students and develop social skills. MORE >>

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