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Online High School Overview and Course List

Free Enrollment for High-School Students in Wisconsin

Student using free laptop for online high school coursesTuition for online high school? Not at eAchieve Academy. Many other online high schools are operated by for profit institutions and can cost so much they require financial aid to attend. But not us. 

We are a public school, so there is no fee to attend.

Other than the lab kits or physical textbooks required by a few courses, eAchieve Academy is entirely free. Chartered by the Waukesha School District, our online academy’s virtual doors are open to all Wisconsin residents. Students from outside the Waukesha School District can enroll through Wisconsin’s Open Enrollment program. We have students from all over the state!

Complete Online Learning Curriculum

Our teachers are all state certified with experience in both traditional classroom settings and online learning. A diploma earned here is as valid as a diploma earned in a traditional high school.

Senior-aged students lacking the credits to graduate from their high school can switch to our Competency program for a high-intensity, online program granting a real diploma.

If you intend to apply to college after you graduate, our online school counselors can help you choose the courses you will need to fulfill all the basic requirements for college admission.

Online High School Lets You Schedule Your Life

Online learning offers the flexibility of both live, teacher-lead “eSessions” as well as class lessons and resources which can be accessed at any time. eAchieve Academy’s teachers use highly-effective approaches to help all our students excel.

With online learning, you can progress through high school at your own speed, completing assignments any time during a semester and staying on track with our pace charts for online learning. Your schedule is too busy to be planned around an 8-3 schedule. Fit your high school career around your life with the flexible learning of our virtual academy.

Online High School Courses in Every Subject You Need

Whether you just need one more science class to graduate on time or you’re planning to take all four years of high school online, eAchieve offers over 100 courses in more than ten different subjects. Get all the classes you need to meet graduation requirements, plus dig deeper into the subjects you find the most interesting.

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Are Online High School Diplomas Legitimate? From eAchieve Academy, Yes They Are

Many people are afraid an online high school diploma is not legitimate. While they may not be from some institutions, graduates of eAchieve Academy receive the same diploma awarded to all high-school students in the School District of Waukesha.

When you graduate from eAchieve Academy, your diploma is just as legit as the one given to students at Waukesha North, Waukesha South and Waukesha West.

We even have a graduation ceremony for our students, which can be attended in person or watched online—perfect for students who live out of the area or are otherwise unable to attend physically.

Coursework Completed Online at eAchieve Academy Is Accepted By Colleges

Our transcripts are accepted by colleges and AP classes are available for students interesting in starting college with credits. Not only are eAchieve Academy’s classes designed to prepare students for life, they also help make the transition to college easier.

Many of our students go on to highly successful careers in college.

In fact, former students tell us their experiences at eAchieve Academy were particularly helpful for them in an increasingly online-oriented college learning environment. If you are interested in continuing your education after high school, our academic counselors can help you choose the courses you will need to meet the admission requirements of 2- and 4-year colleges and universities.

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Online Learning Is the Best Choice for Many Students

eAchieve Academy offers the flexibility many students need, as well as a learning forum free of the social distractions so common in traditional schools. Many students who are uncomfortable with asking questions in class and participating in traditional classroom discussions flourish at eAchieve Academy.

Additionally, our learn at your own pace approach gets rave reviews from students who are actively pursuing careers in sports or the arts, students with health problems, and those who like the flexibility of being able to delve into some subjects more extensively while spending less time on subjects they already know well.

Homeschooling High School Students Can Take Up To Two Classes Per Semester

Under Wisconsin’s state statutes, homeschooled students may take up to 2 classes at a Wisconsin public school provided they meet the minimum standards for admission and there is space available in the selected course.

eAchieve Academy welcomes the participation of homeschooled students.

Interested students and their parents should complete and submit a PT Enrollment Form. If accepted, students can use our online high school course list to supplement their homeschool program with an otherwise unavailable class.

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Students Get to Keep their Free Laptop!

Full-time students of eAchieve Academy who enroll at the start of the school year are provided with a free laptop computer from Milwaukee PC. Additionally, eAchieve Academy will reimburse you $60 for your internet service every time you successfully complete a semester.

At the end of the year, the laptop is yours to keep, free of charge.

If you want a real powerhouse computer, eAchieve Academy will pay the first $400 towards the total cost, allowing you to get the right machine for your needs. The only costs you will incur by attending eAchieve Academy are the costs of materials and/or textbooks required for some classes.

Check Out Reviews From Parents, Teachers, Graduates And Students

If you are considering eAchieve Academy for high school, you are probably interested in hearing what others have to say about us. We are proud to post the candid reviews of eAchieve Academy students (both past and present), parents and teachers.

These reviews provide a good picture of the different types of students who choose eAchieve Academy for high school and how they feel about the online learning environment. We think you will also find the perspective of our teachers valuable in making a decision about enrollment here.

Is Online High School a Good Idea?

Absolutely. Online learning is becoming an increasingly accepted, and popular, alternative to the traditional classroom setting. For many students, attending high school online is a great idea. Even colleges and universities are embracing online learning as an adjunct to their traditional coursework.

Unlike many online learning centers, eAchieve Academy is an independent, not-for-profit school.

This sets us apart from many other online education providers. All our teachers and staff are experienced School District of Waukesha employees and our focus is solely on academic excellence—not profits. Transferring to online high school with eAchieve Academy could be the best educational decision you make.

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Don’t Online Students Miss Out On Making Friends And Developing Social Skills?

Not at eAchieve Academy. Besides connecting with other online high school students from all walks of life via live sessions and online chats, there are plenty of opportunities to interact in person on field trips and social outings. We have a prom night every spring, a student council and a yearbook committee.

Plus, students can take part in music competitions through the National School Music Association, go on field trips with fellow students to museums, go skiing and snowboarding with other eAchieve Academy classmates and join any of the clubs offered at their local school district’s high schools.

Online High School Has Its Pros and Cons

Switching from a traditional high school to a completely online one can be a big adjustment for many students. Weighing the many benefits against potential problems is an important part of deciding if it’s right for you.

The pros, as previously discussed, are the flexibility, wide range of classes offered and expert teaching staff.

Potential downsides are the time management skills, motivation and self-discipline required to thrive.

Students lacking these skills can struggle in an online high school environment, but our teachers and counselors have the experience necessary to help students overcome these obstacles to succeed.

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Virtual High School Caps Fully Online K-12 Curriculum

With eAchieve Academy, your child’s education can be entirely online. From Kindergarten through high school graduation, you can have a top notch K-12 public school experience without setting foot in a classroom. The learning skills required to excel in online high school can be cultivated through elementary and middle school, allowing our students to make the most of their education. At eAchieve Academy, students take the courses they need and develop the self-reliance necessary to succeed in life.

eAchieve Academy, chartered by the School District of Waukesha, offers high school students the chance to succeed in an online learning environment. We offer a full line of core and elective high school classes preparing students for life after high school. Upon completing the graduation requirements, students earn a regular high school diploma and are eligible to participate in our graduation ceremony in June.

Here, you can read course descriptions of all our online high school classes. As you progress through eAchieve Academy, our counselors are available to support, guide, and monitor students in picking the right courses. Just like our middle and elementary schools, tuition is free for School District of Waukesha residents and anybody applying under the open enrollment program in Wisconsin.

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