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Four Online High School Students at Prom

Social Connections for Online Students across Wisconsin

Meet and interact with your online classmates! Just as learning has no boundaries, neither do friendships. At eAchieve Academy, you will get to know classmates from across Wisconsin. We have students enrolled from small rural towns and large cities. In addition to connecting with them online through weekly live sessions and online chats, there are many opportunities for field trips, social outings and clubs!

Developing friendships and social skills through online school

One of the most commonly voiced concerns about online schools is a perceived lack of socialization with other students. eAchieve Academy is unlike most online high schools. While it is true our students do not socialize face to face on a daily basis like their peers at conventional schools, there is ample opportunity for them to interact—both online and in person.

Bear in mind, many of our students choose eAchieve Academy precisely because they do not want the conventional social distractions of brick and mortar schools. Some have work obligations, some have to focus on athletics, some have health problems or special needs which make it difficult to socialize in conventional ways. Regardless of their motivations, all young people have a need to connect with others their age and eAchieve Academy does everything to encourage the development of social skills.

Online students hanging out with friends

eLounge: the online gathering place for eAchieve Academy students

eLounge is the student lounge for eAchieve Academy. Any student is welcome to stop by and post an update on what they’ve been doing, reach out for advice on something, or just post a funny picture of their dog. Only registered eAchieve Academy students can post on eLounge and all posts are monitored by our staff to ensure there is never any bullying or inappropriate comments. You can visit the eLounge home page as a guest, but will not be able to view any other pages until you are a registered user and have a login password.

Live class sessions and online chats encourage socialization

Our live online class sessions and online chats are a great way for students to get to know their classmates and teachers better. Even students who normally feel too shy to raise their hand or otherwise participate in a conventional classroom find themselves actively participating online. And with the ability to chat online, email and talk with teachers over the phone, information and feedback is very accessible. Many of our students actually feel they have more support at eAchieve Academy than they had at the traditional-style school they previously attended. There is a strong sense of community here and it carries over to the occasions and events when students meet up in person.

Online high school students having fun at prom

High school prom for all grades

Each spring, eAchieve Academy students from around the state meet in the Wisconsin Dells to dance the night away at Prom. The fun isn't just for high school juniors - all high schoolers can enjoy the dance. There is even a separate event at the same location for middle schoolers.

National Honor Society (NHS)

NHS is the premier organization dedicated toward recognizing outstanding high school students. If you are selected for NHS based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character, you may be eligible for college scholarships and other awards.

Music groups

If you enjoy music, you can take part in solo and ensemble music competitions throughout Wisconsin through the National School Music Association.

Science club

Enhance your interest in science by visiting museums and exploring Wisconsin's natural features through field trips with fellow students who share the same passion for science and discovery.

Snow club

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding with eAchieve Academy classmates at a significantly reduced rate. Shred the slopes and make lasting friendships by participating in snow club events!

Student council

Have your voice heard by joining Student Council. Take part in planning and hosting social and service events and provide feedback to eAchieve Academy leadership about school-related issues. Food drives, book club and social gatherings are all initiatives that were started by Student Council.


Do you enjoy taking photos, scrapbooking and journaling? Being a member of the yearbook staff might be right up your alley. Collaborate with other online students throughout the state to create a significant memento to commemorate another year completed!

School District of Waukesha clubs

If you live in southeastern Wisconsin, you can also join any of the other clubs offered at the district's middle and high schools, including the drama club, art club, or pompom club!

Contact our online high school if you have any new ideas for clubs and activities you would like to see.
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