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Self-paced online high school courses

Self paced online high school in Wisconsin

Pressure's off! With online learning, high school students can study at their own pace.

Accredited teachers, real diplomas – FREE for Wisconsin students

Traditional classroom learning works for a lot of students. The pace tends to be what works best for the group. For so-called average students the speed at which course material is covered is usually good enough to get along.

At eAchieve, we believe there’s no such thing as an “average” student.

High school students in brick-and-mortar classrooms can’t get the same individual attention and flexibility they receive through our fully accredited online high school.

There’s more than one way to earn a high school diploma. If keeping pace with the crowd isn’t working, you might be a great candidate for online high school.


How do self-paced high school classes work?

Not only are lesson plans personalized for each student, students are free to study at their own pace. Online students can move quickly through the parts they find easy, and spend more time learning concepts and skills they need more practice in.

Each course has a pace chart so students can keep track of the assignments to complete during the semester. There’s no set schedule for classes, making education more accessible for students who work, have health issues, or travel frequently.

Can students get help with self-paced coursework?

Of course! Our amazing teachers are available by phone or email. Students can get help as needed, and many students with anxiety find asking for help one-on-one to be more effective than having to raise their hand in front of the whole class.

Our self-paced online classes also include optional weekly eSessions with the instructor and other students taking the class. It’s an opportunity to ask questions in real-time and for students to support one another. Students can also interact via discussion boards and IM.

Learn at your own pace from anywhere in Wisconsin

eAchieve is a virtual public charter school accepting students living in any city, any school district in the state. Our online classes are 100% tuition-free for Wisconsin residents under 21.

If your school doesn’t offer the curriculum or support you need, you have more options than just the schools near your home. Students outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

Looking for an accelerated track to graduation?

Motivated high schoolers can take extra classes online to earn the credits they need to graduate early. This is a great path for students eager to move on to higher education, or complete their high school diploma and focus on their career as a musician, athlete, model or entrepreneur.

Self-paced online high school courses give students the ability to create their own schedule and make the most of their time.

Need more time than a typical classroom allows?

With online classes you can spend as much time as you need going over the parts of a lesson you find challenging. By removing the pressure to complete specific tasks within a time limit, and eliminating social anxiety, online high school courses make it easier for students to succeed – at their own speed.

Full-time enrollment in self-paced high school courses

Ready to make the switch? Explore full-time enrollment options online or contact us today. We understand students and parents have a lot of questions about enrolling in online high school, and we’re happy to answer them.

Self paced online homeschool courses

Our accredited online courses make a great homeschool supplement.

Enroll part-time for one or two online classes, and keep attending your regular school

Part-time enrollment is a great option when you want to stay enrolled at your local school and take advantage of self-paced study for specific course or two each semester.

Self-paced online classes are great for homeschool programs

Wisconsin students enrolled in a homeschool program are welcome to supplement their at-home schooling with online classes from eAchieve. Homeschooled high school students benefit from having a wider range of courses to pick from, including AP classes.

Trade “one size fits all” for one on one support

Crowded classrooms and rigid schedules limit the amount of personalized learning available at most schools. If you’re ready to find out what a difference self-paced study can make, contact us to get started.

Contact us online with your questions about our self-paced online high school.
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