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Accelerated Learning for High School Students

Graduate Early with Online Accelerated Learning

Finish High School a Semester or a Whole Year Early with Accelerated Education

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging in your education, work toward an early high school graduation with online classes. eAchieve’s online high school lets you learn at your own pace. If your conventional schooling is slowing you down, you may be able to graduate in three or three-and-a-half years instead of the typical four.

Whether you are a full-time online student or a part-time online student (taking 1–2 online classes a semester along with homeschooling or going to your conventional school), the flexibility of our online courses allows you to take extra classes and complete high school early.

Top 3 Reasons to Graduate Early with Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning High School1. You want to start college.

Some students want to start out college as a part-time student and still graduate around age 22. Graduating high school early gives you an extra semester or two to ease into college. Others choose to go full-time to finish college early as well, hoping to get a job sooner.

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in higher education (for example, going to medical school), getting a head start will help you finish faster.

2. You want to take a gap year.

Even if you’re not planning on going to college right away, finishing high school early lets you move on to your next plans as soon as possible. Whether it’s an internship, a job opportunity or a dream of traveling the world, plenty of students decide to take a year or a semester off between high school and college. Finishing high school early ensures your gap year doesn’t delay your eventual college graduation.

3. You simply don’t like high school.

Maybe you’re not challenged by your high school classes, or maybe there are other personal or social reasons you don’t enjoy high school. Whatever the reason you’re ready to move on to the next stage of your life, accelerated learning allows you to leave high school faster.

How to Graduate High School Early

Talk to one of our online high school guidance counselors to discuss graduating early with accelerated learning. But first, think about these questions so you have a better idea of what you want:

1. When do you want to graduate?

Decide whether you’d like to graduate a semester early or a full year early. Graduating a semester early is usually easier, especially if you are already a sophomore or junior. If you are an incoming freshman planning out your entire high school career, it may be easier to work out graduating in three years.

2. How many more credits do you need?

In Wisconsin, you need a total of 22 credits to graduate high school (two-semester class=1 credit; one-semester class=0.5 credits). To graduate in the typical four years, this would mean taking five or six classes at a time. Confirm how many credits you’ve completed and how many you have left to graduate.

3. What classes do you need to graduate?

Of course, you can’t just take 22 credits in your favorite subject and graduate. Wisconsin requires a certain number of credits in each of a number of subjects before you can get that diploma.

Take a look at what classes you’ve already completed and check it against Wisconsin’s requirements for high school graduation to see what you still need to take.

Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements

4. What classes do your top-choice colleges require?

Research the admission requirements for the colleges you’re most interested in and add any necessary classes to your list of what you need to take before graduating. It might be a good idea to take some extra classes in the subject you want to major in as well.

5. How do you need to arrange your schedule to get all the classes and credits you need?

Plan out your schedule for your remaining semesters to make sure you have time to take all the classes you need. Start with the classes you need in order to graduate. Then begin filling in the ones you added to your list in question #4.

Do all these classes add up to 22 credits? Are there more any classes you need or want to take? Keep in mind: your workload will likely be more challenging and stressful as you complete your education in a shorter period of time.

Wisconsin’s Top Online High School Offers So Much More than Accelerated Learning

The ability to finish high school early is just one reason to choose eAchieve Academy. We also offer:

With a huge range of courses, including AP classes, eAchieve lets you enjoy independence and control over your education, with teachers available to help when you need it.

Contact our online high school or request enrollment information to learn more about finishing high school early.
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