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7 Benefits of Online High School You Should Know before Deciding

Virtual charter schools have surprising advantages for K-12 students - Should you do it?

Every year more students and parents wonder if online high school is better than the alternatives and whether they should enroll.

The truth is for many students online high school IS better than a brick-and-mortar school. In many ways, online public charter schools like eAchieve Academy are the heroes of modern-day education.

If you're considering online high school vs traditional public high school there are several important benefits you should be aware of before choosing:

  1. It's better than FREE

    benefits of online high school

    Full-time online students get a free laptop for keeps.

    Public schools and charter schools are free and use tax funding to educate students. eAchieve Academy has zero enrollment cost, is completely tuition-free AND provides free laptops to full-time online school students who enroll at the beginning of the school year (yours to keep). There’s even internet service reimbursement available.

    Attending school online also eliminates expenses related to transportation, parking and school lunches.

    The insane expense of sending your kids to private school:

    According to, the average tuition for a private high school in the United States in 2017-2018 is about $14,000. The average tuition for a private elementary school? About $9,200. Looking specifically at Wisconsin, a private high school costs about $8,200 for the 2017-2018 academic year while an elementary school year can cost about $3,100.

    Keeping the focus on education, not profit margins

    eAchieve is different from most Wisconsin online education providers: we're solely operated by the School District of Waukesha and NOT affiliated with any for-profit national education partner. State tax dollars are reinvested here in Wisconsin and we're able to maintain accountability for educational excellence while providing completely FREE online schooling for Wisconsin residents under 21 years of age.

  2. Personalized learning with real results

    Personalized learning gets a lot of press. Teachers in traditional schools are increasingly expected to integrate technology in the classroom and customize instruction based on each student’s social, emotional and intellectual needs.

    The success of personalized learning in an onsite public school can be limited by state & federal funding, overcrowded classrooms, rigid schedules and distractions from other students. Students attending online charter schools can take advantage of individualized learning options traditional schools simply can’t offer.

    Learn at your own pace, in your own way, and reach your full potential.

    Check out our huge range of high school courses available online, including AP, honors and elective classes or visit our online education blog for related articles including Why online schooling is the future of education.

  3. The teachers are amazing!

    Students have access to their teachers via office hours, by phone or email. Every student also has an academic advisor who provides one-on-one support to ensure all of the student’s goals are matched with a plan to achieve them.

    100% of eAchieve instructors are Wisconsin state certified, with an average of 19.2 years teaching experience. Most importantly, our teachers are passionate about teaching online and take ownership of each class to give every student the most effective learning solutions.

    No cookie-cutter coursework here! eAchieve teachers take the time to create unique lesson plans for students. We’re dedicated to helping every eAchieve student succeed in school and beyond.

    Our teachers are also easily accessible to parents. Parents receive three progress reports each semester and have 24/7 parent access to their child’s gradebook.
    Meet our staff or contact eAchieve for more information.

  4. Online education fits your lifestyle

    advantages of online charter school

    Wherever you travel or live, if you're technically still a Wisconsin resident you're welcome at eAchieve.

    Traditional classroom settings & structure can feel more like incarceration than education. Online public schooling offers flexible scheduling so you can get a quality education even if your circumstances make regular attendance difficult.

    Online school is perfect for:

    An online high school helps you reduce stressful scheduling conflicts associated with getting your high school diploma.

    Online learning also eliminates distractions such as social drama and peer pressure. Whether you have special needs or just a special way of seeing the world, virtual high school allows you to express your individuality and plan school around your life—not your life around school.

  5. Online school helps you transition to college more easily

    Students who want to attend college receive outstanding preparation with online high school:

    • eAchieve graduates receive the same REAL diploma awarded to all School District of Waukesha high school graduates
    • Our transcripts are accepted by colleges
    • We offer AP classes for students interested in earning college credit early
    • Our academic counselors can help students choose the classes they need to meet admission requirements at 2- and 4-year colleges
    • We offer career planning tools and help you explore the options available to you after graduation
    • Independent studying leads to improved study skills and focus

    Online high school students have better opportunities to develop personal motivation, self-discipline, time-management skills and efficient computer skills—making the transition to an in-class or online college experience that much easier. College-bound middle school students also benefit from online education.

  6. Part-time online school can help you graduate early

    online high school graduate early

    Online high school can help you graduate early or make up for credits you're missing.

    You can keep attending your current school AND take one or two classes online each semester. Part-time online school helps students graduate early from high school or make up for lost credits so they can graduate on time. You can also take a class that doesn’t fit into your schedule or isn’t offered at your regular school.

    Homeschooled students can take up to two classes at eAchieve Academy with part-time enrollment (though many have such a positive experience they decide to enroll full-time).

    Adults under 21 years old who want to finish high school online are helped by fully accredited teachers and can earn a competency-based high school diploma more easily than through a traditional school.

    If you missed the open enrollment deadline, you may qualify for immediate transfer if you meet just one of the seven criteria for exceptions. Every situation is unique, and enrollment applications include many considerations. Please contact the eAchieve admissions office if you have any questions!

  7. You can still make friends, join clubs & earn scholarships

    Traditional schools offer many ways to socialize and participate in your community, and eAchieve students enjoy the best of both worlds:

    • You’ll have the opportunity to interact with online classmates in optional weekly eSessions where students can support one another and ask real-time questions of instructors. You can also stay in touch with classmates through online discussion boards and through IM.
    • Take summers off or attend summer school—it’s up to you.
    • eAchieve offers our own music, science and snow clubs, athletic events, field trips, bowling, an online talent show and more! You may also be able to join clubs sponsored by School District of Waukesha middle and high schools.
    • Participate in student council, yearbook and the National Honor Society.
    • Attend a year-end prom open to all eAchieve freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors

    Students attending eAchieve Academy’s online school take the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination and other standardized tests, just like pupils in traditional schools. eAchieve Academy routinely outperforms other online schools and many of our graduates have received scholarships from universities and other institutions.

Effectiveness of Public Charter Education

Check out eAchieve’s student performance records.

With some of the best online charter schools in the country being free, offering electives some public and private institutions don’t have, and being easily accessible from anywhere you are, charter schools are proving to be the an increasingly popular educational option for students seeking their general education.

Choose Wisconsin’s top online high school

eAchieve Academy is an independent, not-for-profit school operated solely by the School District of Waukesha. Online education with eAchieve is completely free for all Wisconsin residents under 21 years old. Unlike many online education providers, we’re in it for the students, not for profit.

Wisconsin Residents

Free Enrollment,

Free Tuition

If you're considering enrolling in online classes but your school doesn't offer the course you're looking for, an online virtual charter school like eAchieve Academy may offer what you're after.

Live Outside Of Wisconsin?

A Virtual Charter School Is Still an Option For You.

Even at eAchieve Academy in Waukesha, Wisconsin. If we offer a crucial course to get into your dream college we can help you find availability and enroll from out of state.

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