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3 Brainy Benefits of Online Public Charter Schools

Benefits of Online Charter SchoolsBenefits & Effectiveness of Wisconsin Charter Schools

For years now, online message boards and primetime news segments have been scattered with parents complaining the needs of their children aren’t being properly addressed in traditional public schooling – forcing them to consider other options. It’s not a secret the education system in the United States has been under fire for decades. It wasn't until the development of a new education technique when parents started to trust school systems again.  

The Hero of Modern Education? Charter Schools.

Instead of dropping thousands of dollars a year on a private school or jeopardizing academic success from the lack of individual teacher-time found in traditional public schools, parents started investing in non-profit online public charter school programs in Wisconsin like eAcheive Academy. Consider these 3 benefits of online public charter schools like eAchieve Academy.

1. Free Tuition

Public schools and charter schools are free and use tax funding to educate students – even enrolling is free of any charges!

According to, the average tuition for a private high school in the United States in 2016 is about $13,000. The average tuition for a private elementary school in 2016? About $8,500. When you take a specific look at Wisconsin, a private high school costs about $7,700 in 2016 while an elementary school year can cost about $3,100.

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2. Personalized Learning

Charter schools are independently operated public schools, usually started by teachers, parents or activists. Charter schools like eAchieve Academy offer individualized learning options that traditional public schooling doesn’t. The traditional classroom lacks a personalized focus that a lot kids need to reach their full potential.

eAchieve students have access to their teachers via office hours, by phone or email. Additionally, each student is matched with an academic advisor who provides one-on-one support to ensure all of the student’s goals have a plan to be achieved.

3. Flexible Scheduling

In 21st Century America, flexibility is a trait becoming more and more necessary. With moms, dads, and children (just like you) doing more with their daily schedules, they have to become more efficient. Traditional classroom academia lacks the flexibility online public charter schooling offers.

Online schools, like eAchieve have broken free of the classic cookie-cutter classroom. Instead of rigid, structured time slots, we’ve introduced a structure flexible to any lifestyle, including:

Effectiveness of Public Charter Education

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With some of the best online charter schools in the country being free, offering electives some public and private institutions don’t have, and being easily accessible from anywhere you are, charter schools are proving to be the an increasingly popular educational option for students seeking their general education.

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