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Pros and Cons of Online High School

Online school vs public school

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Looking at Virtual Education vs. Traditional Classes

There’s a lot of hype surrounding internet-based schooling. Some sites warn (and parents worry) an online education won’t be legitimate, will cost an arm and a leg or replace teachers with a computer.

Such “drawbacks” of online school don’t apply to eAchieve Academy. Our online public K-12 charter school is completely free and fully accredited, with a wide range of courses taught by experienced, Wisconsin state-certified teachers.

Here are the real pros and cons to online high school you should consider before enrolling:

Pros of Online High School

More Class Options

eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of core classes, honors classes, AP classes and electives. In fact many of our part-time students enroll to take advantage of courses we offer which aren’t available through homeschooling or their brick-and-mortar high school. Want to study Chinese? Java programming? Sports marketing? Check out our free accredited online high school courses available for all Wisconsin residents under 21, including ACT prep and special education classes.

Better Focus

Students at eAchieve are able to focus completely on learning without social drama or classroom distractions. With greater control over their schedules and no transportation issues, online students can more easily get enough sleep and avoid the dangers of teenage sleep deprivation making headlines. It’s also easier to make up assignments if you get sick, and get in touch with your teachers when you need help.

Individual Freedom

No student should compromise their education because of how they look, their religious beliefs or a disability. eAchieve Academy has a diverse student population where each individual is able to enjoy a comfortable learning environment and comprehensive support network.

Cons of Online High School

Self-Motivation Required

Online school can be a challenge for students who struggle with time management and self-discipline. Along with a flexible schedule comes personal accountability. eAchieve teachers and counselors are committed to helping every student succeed. Help is always there when you ask, and pace charts are provided for all online classes to help you track your progress.

No Face-to-Face Instruction

Face-to-face classroom teaching is a familiar environment with understood social rules and expectations. Some traditional students tend to rely on certain classmates to ask questions and participate in the instruction, benefiting from the interaction of others. The best online learning experiences tend to be student-driven. In fact, the anonymity of online classes encourages many students to participate who otherwise would be too embarrassed to speak up in front of their peers.

Fewer Social Opportunities

While eAchieve Academy does offer ways to connect with fellow students, it doesn’t provide the daily face-to-face socialization of a traditional public school. It may be difficult for some students to spend a lot of time outside a social environment. On the other hand, a flexible schedule makes it easier to participate in extracurricular activities and community events. Many of our students make great social connections through eAchieve’s online discussion boards, IM, clubs and in-person events.

Student considering pros and cons of online high school in Wisconsin

Pros and cons in their own words: read our student reviews.

Learning online has even more ‘pros’ for students who are ready

These seven undeniable benefits of online high school were the deciding factor for many of our students and graduates.

Cons can become pros

eAchieve Academy's K-12 online learning programs directly address all the potential shortcomings of a virtual classroom. Over the years we’ve seen students develop the habits and skills required for successful online learning.

The traits of an excellent online learner are the same as the traits of a successful person. At eAchieve Academy, students are given the opportunity to get a head start in life by essential developing personal skills they will use throughout their lifetime.

Attending online high school has lasting advantages in the pursuit of higher education, employment and personal growth.

eAchieve Academy Online Charter School Statistics

  • Our students regularly outperform state averages on standardized tests, including the ACT and Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE).
  • Compared to other Wisconsin online schools, eAchieve has graduated more students than all of them combined.
  • eAchieve students lead the nation in proficiency in reading, language arts, social studies, math and science.
  • eAchieve Academy’s students have a proven track record of academic achievement, and graduates have been accepted into colleges, universities and technical colleges all over the country.
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