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K-12 Online Public High School

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Our Online High School Completes Your K-12 Experience

Group of Online High School Students after Graduating K12 Public AcademyThe eAchieve Academy online program, as of the 2014-15 school year, offers the entire K-12 experience. From the first day of kindergarten to senior graduation, students can attend a public school in Wisconsin completely online.

Students who enroll in the program early on have a longer time to build the skills necessary to excel in the later years of eAchieve Academy’s online high school. All the time management and self-discipline benefits of our online high school program are available starting in kindergarten.

Teachers in the eAchieve Academy program craft weekly plans and conduct weekly meetings at the elementary level, exposing the student to a standard routine which continues through the K-12 progression.

With a consistent procedure in place, young students are fully equipped for online high school.

Experience with our virtual academy program in the student’s early years is not a requirement for enrollment in the online high school program, nor is it necessary for success. Students in traditional, accredited institutions transferring to eAchieve Academy’s online high school will excel with the right attitude.

full-time Kindergarten through High School or Classes a la Carte

eAchieve Academy’s online program is ideal as a full-time alternative to classroom based educational models. At the same time, it does not require a full-time obligation. Students may use our courses as a supplement to their traditional education.

Part-time enrollment allows students to take one or two classes to supplement the courses offered at their current institution, whether K-12 or not. This a la carte option is a great way to resolve conflicting class or extracurricular schedules. It also allows students to access our great high school course catalog without switching to 100% online learning.

Students in a bind can sign up for more classes than their current school would allow. This lets them either graduate early or, if credits are lacking, make up missing coursework so they can graduate with the rest of their class.

eAchieve Academy’s online K-12 program puts your child in the best position to successfully graduate.

Contact eAchieve Academy to find out more about our K-12 online public school in Wisconsin.
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