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Is Online High School a Good Idea?

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Online High School’s Superior Flexibility Makes It an Increasingly Attractive Choice

Online High School Student Happy about Virtual AcademyOnline education offers students and parents many options unavailable locally. Online study creates a diverse learning environment, providing students with options which fit their unique requirements based on their desired course of academic study and extracurricular activities.

A learning experience can vary widely for each individual student based on their comfort with the subject matter, their willingness to engage in the material, and their refined, personalized course of study.

Some parents are afraid their child might fall behind. eAchieve Academy provides students with online learning pace charts to provide a guide for their academic progress.

One of the greatest advantages online high school offers is it is not limited by geography. Attending an online school, a student is not limited to the number of educational options available at schools close to home. This is particularly true when it comes to specific courses. The local high school may not offer AP French, Programming JAVA or other, unique classes.

eAchieve Academy’s online high school program bypasses this natural restriction. Parents and guardians have the ability to choose from an extensive course catalog, all taught by excellent teachers, and determine the best educational path for their child.

Furthermore, advanced classes, like AP classes, are often limited in size, excluding students who could very easily complete the coursework. Online education, devoid of physical limits, has no such restrictions. eAchieve Academy’s classes can be taught to as many students as are interested in the topic. Without having to cover costs of providing hard texts and class space, online education is more efficient, and less expensive, than comparable face-to-face teaching methods.

eAchieve Academy’s online high school demolishes barriers to entry into the market of quality education.

Online High School Provides an Excellent Opportunity for Many Students

Online high school appeals to students who may not thrive elsewhere. Whether this is because life circumstances make face-to-face learning difficult or if the local school is moving too slowly, eAchieve Academy’s flexibility allows many students to thrive where they once struggled. The pros and cons of attending high school online make an attractive alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach.

More time at home affords more opportunity for parental involvement, like homeschooling, but provides structure and professional instruction homeschool programs tend to lack. Parents are allowed a unique chance to involve themselves more intimately with their child’s education without becoming the primary instructor.

Parents receive three different sources of feedback on their child’s education:

  • Grades can be checked at any time
  • Personalized progress reports with notes by the teachers are sent three times during the semester
  • Weekly reports notify parents how much time was spent in class, if homework was submitted and what assignments are past due

Students with special needs or medical conditions who may find themselves physically unable to attend a face-to-face traditional high school can learn online at home, where their needs can be more effectively satisfied. Our special education staff allows students with dyslexia, autism, blindness and other medical disabilities to thrive. We can adapt to:

  • Disabilities
  • 504 Plans
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

eAchieve Academy’s online program caters to your student based his or her specific needs.

Contact eAchieve Academy to learn more about why online high school is a good idea for many students.
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