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Attending School Online Comes with a Computer and Internet Stipend

Wisconsin Online High School Student Holding Free LaptopIt goes without saying, every student enrolling in an online high school program must have a computer with internet access. While internet access is widespread and most people have access to a computer, not everybody can afford a new laptop for studying.

To ensure computer availability, eAchieve Academy provides absolutely free laptops to elementary, middle, and high school students who enroll at the beginning of the school year.

Computer skills are a must for any educational program, online or not, and around-the-clock access to a laptop—and the resources it can access—ensures the student extensive experience operating their own computer and refining their skills.

A student using their free laptop is capable of accessing course documents and information databases at a moment’s notice. With free Wi-Fi becoming popular in public places, students can work when and where they want.

Along with a free laptop, each student receives a $60 stipend per semester to help cover the cost of internet service.

More and more information moves from the bookshelves to the servers. eAchieve Academy’s online high school program ensures students do not get lost in the shuffle.

Free Laptop is Upgradable and Yours to Keep

Laptops and the online learning environment offer students a streamlined experience in research and study in several subjects. Storing documents electronically allows for greater ease in organization. Laptops and other portable electronic devices are capable of carrying hundreds of different types of documents with no paper-shuffling hassle. For students interested in graphic or web design, a laptop is absolutely essential.

Not only is the base model laptop free, but eAchieve Academy will contribute towards a more expensive laptop of your choice. We will put forward $400 towards any laptop you require, and it is yours to keep after the end of the school year.

If a student withdraws from eAchieve Academy before the school year is over, you can either pay the remaining balance and keep the laptop, or return it to Milwaukee PC.

The research capabilities of a portable learning experience provide a desirable alternative to traditional methods. Using electronic information databases, instead of textbooks, eAchieve Academy’s high school students are accessing up-to-date resources. With more information afforded by the open internet, students are encouraged to investigate subjects further on their own.

The eAchieve Academy free laptop program ensures students have constant access to their own education!

Contact eAchieve Academy for more information on our online high school with free laptop.
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