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No Financial Aid for Online High School Students?

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None Needed! Totally Free Tuition Applies to All Wisconsin Residents

Today, students and their parents have a number of online virtual education options. However, as they soon learn, many of these online schools are actually private schools charging tuition. Often, the tuition is quite high. So high, in fact, the schools offer financial aid for students unable to pay the full tuition.

Unlike private, for-profit online schools, eAchieve Academy is a public school; no more “for-profit” than your local public high school.

Plus, students get a FREE LAPTOP when they meet enrollment qualifications.

At eAchieve Academy, we believe all students deserve a great education—without a tuition bill. Completely tuition-free, eAchieve Academy is available to all students, regardless of their parents’ income. Financial aid? No need for it with no tuition. In fact, by attending the eAchieve Academy online high school instead of an expensive, private institution, parents and students can use the money they’re saving on high school tuition to help pay for college.

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Top Notch Online High School without the High Tuition

Free Online High School in WisconsinJust because there is no cost to attend our online school, however, doesn’t mean the education our students receive is inferior in any way. All eAchieve Academy teachers are experienced in both face to face and online teaching. Using todays’ technology to educate tomorrow’s leaders, the entire eAchieve Academy team is committed to helping every student realize their full potential.

Consider, too: Unlike for-profit private schools, our primary motivation is not to make money, but to prepare young men and women for productive, successful lives.

By transferring to eAchieve Academy, you can count on receiving a top notch education from some of Wisconsin’s leading teachers. From 9th grade English to AP Calculus B/C, the courses we offer are on par or better than anything you’d receive elsewhere. In fact, some classes, like Forensic Science and Web Development, may not be offered locally. Free, online eAchieve Academy may be the only way to take these courses.

No Tuition and Endless Opportunity Lead to Success in Online Learning and in Life.

Arguably the biggest benefit of eAchieve Academy’s no-financial-aid-needed free tuition is unlocking endless opportunities for our students. The wide variety of courses offered let them focus on what they’re interested in and go as in-depth as they want. Plus, the self-motivation and time management skills our graduates develop prepare them for life after graduation.

The one commonality in eAchieve Academy graduates is a solid academic and personal foundation for whatever road they take in life.

Defining what success looks like to an eAchieve Academy graduate is impossible, as our students come from incredibly diverse circumstances with hugely different needs and expectations. For some, graduating from our online high school is as far as their formal education goes. For others, eAchieve Academy is the first step toward a highly successful college career. Either way, the knowledge and personal responsibility learned during students’ time in school will last throughout their life, helping them succeed in whatever career path they choose.

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