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Earning a High School Diploma Online: Is it Real?

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eAchieve Academy Awards Students a Real Waukesha School District Diploma

There is no doubt a high school diploma opens up many doors for graduates. Online high school diplomas, though, sometimes have a stigma associated with them. A high school diploma from eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable from a diploma awarded by any other high school in the Waukesha School District. When you graduate from you have the option to attend the graduation ceremony in person or watch it streamed live online.

Will Universities accept a Diploma from an Online High School?

This is a common concern both students and parents have regarding attending an online high school. By enrolling and graduating from eAchieve Academy, students will be able to apply to any university or college program they desire without fear of having their diploma rejected.

No eAchieve graduate has ever had their diploma rejected by university admissions departments.

Whether you have your heart set on a public university in Wisconsin or an Ivy League university, an online high school diploma from eAchieve Academy can take you anywhere.

Colleges and Universities eAchieve Graduates Have Attended in the Past 5 Years

Gateway Technical College
Mount Mary University
Belmont University
Hennepin Community College
Nebraska Christian College
Huntington University
Iowa State University
BYU Idaho
Lake Superior College
Northern Virginia Community College
California College of the Arts
California Polytechnic State University
Santa Fe University
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Savannah College of Art and Design
Loyola University
Seminary in Israel
Southeastern University Florida
Vici Beauty School
Cedarville University
Moraine Park Technical College
Southern Florida University
Waldorf College
Miami Dade College
University of Minnesota - Duluth
Waukesha County Technical College
DePaul University
Michigan Technological University
Western Illinois University
Utah Valley University
Western Technical College
Evergreen College
UW Fond du Lac
Winona State University
Fenimore West Technical College
UW Fox Valley
Minnesota College of Art and Design
Yeshiva University

Online Wisconsin High School Dedicated to Student Success

The entire eAchieve Academy team is committed to helping each student succeed. All students are part of a support network with students and teachers across the state of Wisconsin.

Our diverse, interactive online learning environment is tailored to meet student’s needs, allowing them to work at their own pace.

Where traditional high schools fall sometimes struggle, our online program provides students with the tools and knowledge needed to excel. With a proven record of success and a high graduation rate when compared to other online high schools, eAchieve Academy is the ideal alternative to traditional schooling options.

Online High School Diploma FAQs

Do most colleges accept online high school diplomas?

If the diploma is from an accredited online high school, colleges will accept them. eAchieve Academy is part of the Wisconsin Public School System and carries the same weight in college admissions as a high school diploma from any other public high school in the state.

Can you get a high school diploma online?

Yes, eAchieve Academy offers free schooling to any high school student who is a resident of Wisconsin. There are other ways to obtain high school diplomas by paying a fee, but those won't get you a job or into college!

What is the best online high school?

If we were biased, we'd say us! But since we're in the business for the students, the best online high school is the one that best fits your goals for the future. eAchieve just may be the perfect online high school for you.

Is online high school free?

Most online high schools are not free because they are for profit. Unlike the hoards of for-profit online high schools in Wisconsin alone, eAchieve offers a free education to Wisconsin residents. So, yes, some online schools (like eAchieve Academy) are 100% free.

What online high schools are nationally accredited?

Because eAchieve is part of the Wisconsin Public School System, eAchieve Academy diplomas are accepted by college admissions departments all around the world!

Will my Milwaukee Public School (MPS) credits transfer?

Yes, any public school credit (or accredited private school credit) will transfer to eAchieve Academy.

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