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Online Elementary School Overview

Online elementary school student studying on her free laptopeAchieve Academy, the School District of Waukesha’s virtual charter school, added grades K-5 in the 2014-15 school year. After opening its “doors” in September of 2004 and expanding to include grades 6-8 in 2009, the expansion to include online elementary grades was a natural progression.

One of Wisconsin’s oldest virtual schools, eAchieve Academy graduates more high school seniors than all of the other virtual charter schools in the state. It is also the only online high school in the country to be included on Newsweek’s list of the top 2000 high schools for 2013. eAchieve Academy is one of the most successful virtual charter schools in the state. Best of all, students living in any city or school district in Wisconsin are eligible for tuition-free online learning at our academy.

The key to eAchieve Academy’s success has been our teachers. Passionate about personalizing learning, our experienced instructors help students succeed where they previously struggled. Just like teachers in a brick and mortar classroom, eAchieve Academy teachers gather the best resources they can find to create an optimal learning experience for their online students. eAchieve is eager to apply these same principles at elementary grades by partnering with parents who are looking for the expertise, structure, and resources we provide while still enjoying the benefits of going to school from home.

Parent’s Role in Online School for Kids K-5

At the elementary level, parents must commit to spending 4-6 hours daily implementing the learning plan their child's teacher has developed. They will meet weekly with the teacher online to review progress from the previous week, share observations and discuss the next week’s activities. Of course, the teacher is also available throughout the week by phone or email to answer any additional questions.

Teacher Responsibilities at Internet-Based Primary School

The teacher crafts a weekly learning plan for each student. Individualized lesson plans are created based on observations and assessment analysis from the previous week. This weekly plan is shared with the family during their weekly online meeting. Teachers will also hold a weekly class-level meeting for all students in the same grade. The teacher is available for additional follow up, feedback, skill demonstration, support, observation, and assessment throughout the week as needed for both students and parents.

Online Elementary Curriculum

Teachers develop their own online lessons, activities and assessments for their students. The School District of Waukesha already incorporates online resources extensively in instruction at their brick and mortar schools. eAchieve Academy teachers use many of these same resources, making them available for elementary students to use from their homes. Our online students master the same skills as those attending the district’s brick and mortar schools.

Free Computer for Wisconsin Online Elementary Students

eAchieve Academy has a unique partnership with Milwaukee PC to provide a free laptop computer to families with students attending our online educational program. Parents sign a contract to purchase one of three laptop computer models running Windows 8. The base model costs $400 and is more than sufficient to support the student’s academic needs. So long as the student remains enrolled at eAchieve Academy, the school will make four payments of $100 to Milwaukee PC on behalf of the family. By the end of the school year, the laptop will be paid off in full and is the family’s to keep. If the family chooses one of the higher-end models, they must pay the difference up front. Families are also provided with a $60 stipend after the successful completion of each semester to help defray the cost of internet service in their home. If you're child is enrolled in any school district in Wisconsin, then they're eligible for a free computer upon transfer.

Elementary Curricular Resources

In addition to their own lessons, activities, and assessments, eAchieve Academy teachers draw from the following list of online resources. This list will continue to grow as additional quality resources become available and/or are discovered.


Science & Social Studies



  • Khan Academy
  • Discovery Streaming
  • DreamBox
  • Matific
  • Alaska Sea Life Center
  • Brain Pop
  • Brain Pop, Jr
  • Discovery Streaming
  • Follet Digital Resources
  • NASA Online School
  • National Geographic
  • Pebble Go
  • PHeT
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways
  • Science Fusion
  • Lexia
  • NewsELA
  • Follet Digital Resources
  • Raz Kids
  • Reading A-Z
  • Tumble Books
  • ReadWorks
  • GetEpic
  • Writing A-Z
  • Google Docs (for creation)

Health / PE




  • BrainPop
  • BrainPop Jr
  • YouTube
  • GetEpic
  • TumbleBooks
  • GoNoodle
  • Discovery Ed
  • Great Artists
  • Musicplay
  • BrainPop
  • BrainPop Jr.
  • SFS Kids
  • Classics for Kids
  • Making Music Fun
  • YouTube
  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • Vocaroo
  • Dancemat typing
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