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Pros and cons of online elementary school

Many parents in Wisconsin are turning to virtual education to meet their child’s needs. While online elementary school helps many children flourish, some parents worry about the legitimacy, cost and benefits of online schooling.

As a fully accredited online public K-12 charter school, eAchieve Academy resolves these concerns. Our online elementary school is staffed by Wisconsin certified teachers, adds flexibility to your child’s education and is completely free.

Considering enrolling your student in online elementary school? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if eAchieve Academy is the best choice for your child.

Pros of online elementary school

1. Children achieve at their own pace.

Online education makes it easier for children to receive individualized instruction, assignments and support. This allows your child to master skills and move through the curriculum at their own pace. If your child excels in Math and needs extra support in Reading, they do not need to wait for their peers to move ahead - or rush skills that need more practice.

2. Flexibility - set up a routine for YOUR child uninhibited by others.

Waking up a 5 year old, getting them dressed, having breakfast, packing their backpack, loading the car and making the drive to school every morning before 8 A.M. isn’t always an easy feat. If your child takes the bus to school they probably need to be ready even earlier. Online elementary school lets you skip the commute and gives you and your child a more flexible schedule. More time to sleep, no rushing around and a comfortable home learning environment can help your child be more ready to learn.

3. There are many fewer distractions.

Children don’t always have the longest attention spans. Combine that with almost 8 hours at a desk and 30 other kids in the room and you have a recipe for distraction. Students enrolled in eAchieve Academy learn at home, away from the distractions of their peers. The flexible schedule also allows your child to take quick breaks whenever needed to regain their focus.

Cons of online elementary school

1. Parents have to remain very involved.

Online schooling helps students be responsible and accountable for their education. Elementary students require a parent or guardian to coach them through lessons and completing the assigned activities. As your student gets older, they will take on more responsibility themselves. In the early years of online school, they’ll need your involvement and support.

2. Even more screen time.

Even in traditional elementary schools, the use of computers, SmartBoards, tablets, e-readers and other technology is on the rise. Students enrolled in eAchieve Academy do receive all instruction online on their free laptops– they also work with screen-free materials, including books, lab kits and manipulatives.

3. Fewer opportunities to socialize.

While online elementary school creates a learning environment with fewer distractions, many parents worry their child will not get enough social interaction. eAchieve Academy offers plentiful field trips, social gatherings and clubs for students to build friendships, learn how to work in groups and get along with other kids their own age.

Online elementary school makes a positive impact

Any shortcomings of virtual learning can be overcome with eAchieve Academy. A look at our reviews from parents, students and teachers shows the benefits of online school far outweigh the cons. We make sure students receive the materials, attention and support they need to succeed. We have a proven track record of academic achievement. As your child continues with online education, they’ll develop essential personal growth skills that will lead them toward a bright future.

Apply for enrollment in online elementary school today or contact eAchieve Academy for more information.
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