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How online elementary school works: from enrollment to graduation

How online K-12 school works >> Elementary School

How Online Elementary School Works for Students and Parents

Your child can be learning at eAchieve Academy in 5 easy steps:

  1. Decide if Online School is Right
  2. Enroll for FREE
  3. Get Your Student Set Up Online
  4. Sign Up for Classes
  5. Get Ready to Move on to Middle School

1. Decide if Online Elementary School is Right for Your Child

We offer a number of informational resources to help you figure out if online charter school is the right choice for your student including counselors, reviews from parents and students about their eAchieve experiences.

In-person and virtual information sessions

eAchieve believes in access to quality education to everyone, even if students are living outside of big cities. Throughout the year we run informational sessions for prospective students and parents throughout Wisconsin. You can attend one near you to meet eAchieve staff and ask any questions you might have.

Check the information session schedule here.

Reviews from elementary school parents and students

One of the best ways to get a feel for what your child’s experience will be with online elementary school is to read online K12 school reviews from other parents and students who have gone through the process. We have reviews from students and families of all types of backgrounds and circumstances:

Talk to your student’s guidance counselors

A guidance counselor’s job is to help students reach academic, social, personal development and career goals. Talking to your child’s guidance counselor might give you a good idea if online school would be a good choice for your child.

eAchieve Academy also has a staff of counselors who would be happy to discuss your student’s academic future. Unlike for-profit schools, our guidance counselors won’t let potential tuition dollars influence their recommendation about what’s best for your child. Online school is not the best option for every student. See our list of successful online school character traits.

2. Enroll for FREE

Enrollment in eAchieve Academy is very simple. Mostly, the process involves documentation to prove to the state of Wisconsin that your child is still attending school! There is more than one way to enroll, which one you use will depend on your child’s situation or circumstances.

Open enrollment period (for Wisconsin residents only!)

There is a period from February to April where the State of Wisconsin allows students and parents to decide which school district they would like to enroll in. The easiest way to enroll in eAchieve Academy is to take advantage of the open enrollment period. The online application process can be completed through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website, you can also contact eAchieve Academy for assistance!

Learn more about open enrollment in Wisconsin.

Alternate open enrollment

If you missed the open enrollment period for your child you may still have an opportunity during the open enrollment period, which runs June through January. You must download and fill out a form with a letter explaining your child’s special circumstances to the Wisconsin DPI in Madison.

Find more information here about alternate open enrollment and qualifying special circumstances.

3. Get your student online

Free laptops for online elementary school students

Full-time eAchieve students qualify for a free laptop. We contribute $400, which is enough to get a base model with all the features and software needed to succeed at online elementary school. You may buy your student a more expensive computer, but you will have to cover the difference in price.

Learn more about the $400 laptop credit here

Internet stipends for online charter students

Every student should have the tools and resources to be successful in an online school format. To ensure that everyone can afford quality education from eAchieve Academy, we provide a $60 internet stipend at the completion of every semester to help ease the costs associated with online learning.

4. Sign up for classes

The advantage of online schooling for your child is the ability to work in a full course load around an unpredictable or irregular schedule. This makes Online school students learn discipline and responsibility.eAchieve Academy an attractive option for parents of unconventional students. Students are free to learn whenever they want at their own pace and even work ahead if they like.

Pace charts help you monitor your student’s progress

To help parents keep track of their student’s progress and ensure that they’re keeping up, we provide pace charts for each class which lists specific learning objectives and assignments to be completed each week. Although online school offers the advantage of a flexible schedule, pace charts provide a good structure to get an idea of where your student should be.

5. Get ready to move on to Middle School

eAchieve is fully accredited as a Wisconsin school and all of our teachers are certified by the State of Wisconsin. Our full curriculum and qualified instructors will ensure that your student will have all of the knowledge and skills needed to move on to middle school.

Enroll in online elementary school with eAchieve Academy - for FREE in Wisconsin

eAchieve Academy is an online charter school based out of the Waukesha public school district. This means that we can provide quality K12 education to any student in Wisconsin for FREE.

We believe in giving every child access to quality online education, so we even provide a free laptop and internet stipend to give every child the resources they need to succeed.

Our curriculum contains a full load of core classes including English, history, math and science to ensure that elementary schoolers are academically prepared for middle school. All of our classes are taught by experienced Wisconsin state-certified instructors.

An online elementary school education from eAchieve Academy is 100% legitimate and accredited just like any public school education. Students who study online are able to transfer to traditional middle schools after elementary graduation, or continue on for the remainder of their K12 education to receive a high school diploma that is perfectly legitimate and accepted by any college.

Enroll today, or contact us to learn more about eAchieve Academy and how online elementary school can benefit your child.
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