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Online Personal Financial Planning Course for High School Students

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Class Length
1 Semester
# of credits
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Credit Cards and Cash for Learning Money Management in Online Personal Financial Planning Course for Wisconsin High School StudentsTake high school Financial Planning online and earn 0.5 elective credits toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students.

Personal Financial Planning


It's too bad money doesn't come with instructions. We all need to know how to spend it, save it, and borrow it wisely. Financial literacy among teens has been recognized as a necessity to assure financial success. Personal Financial Planning helps students become financially literate by gaining knowledge in the areas of banking services, using credit wisely, planning savings and investments, and developing techniques for personal financial management and budgeting.

Learning Targets:

  1. Manage money effectively by developing financial goals and budgets.
  2. Make responsible consumer decisions using available resources.
  3. Assess advantages and disadvantages of credit and debt management.
  4. Evaluate services provided by financial institutions and maintain related accounts.
  5. Recommend plans for future financial security by comparing long-term saving and investing options.
  6. Analyze and balance risk against benefits regarding the role of insurance in financial planning.
  7. Develop the skills needed to achieve desired financial growth while analyzing the relationship between education, income, career, and desired lifestyle.
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