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Online Digital Drawing and Painting Class for High School Students

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Mouse and Stylus for Use in Online Digital Drawing and Painting ClassTake Digital Drawing and Painting online and earn 0.5 credits toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students.

Digital Drawing and Painting


Do you have a passion for visual art or visual communication? Are you interested in careers in the design, production, display, and presentation fields of digital arts? This introductory design course teaches core skills using Inkscape, a free open-source program. As you create a detailed still life and other artworks throughout the course, you'll learn the basic elements of visual art: line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture. You will use what you learn to express yourself in original digital drawings and artwork.

Learning Targets:

T1 Drawing Assignments (Concept): Students will demonstrate and apply knowledge of Elements and principles of design in their digital art composition. 

T2 Drawing Assignments (Program Skills): Students will demonstrate their knowledge/skills in creating original 2D/3D digital art by using Inkscape.

T3 Written Analysis: Students will identify, interpret and evaluate mood, concepts and themes--including symbolism, metaphors and social issues--in visual images




1 semester

Grade Level:

9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade

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