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6th Grade Reading

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This course is a year-long requirement for students in 6th grade. New 7th- or 8th-grade students who are below grade level in reading ability may also be enrolled in the class. Students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, accompanied by teacher-created instructional resources as well as supplementary programs like StudySync and Achieve3000. Most of the texts are excerpts from longer works by authors of recognized literary merit (not generic textbook passages). In semester 2, students will have an opportunity to choose a complete novel to read. Students will also learn and review basic grammar concepts, and work to improve their writing skills.


T1: Communication Target: Students can effectively communicate for a variety of purposes to a variety of audiences. (writing, speaking, digital media)

T2: Reading Target: Students can comprehend and evaluate both fiction and nonfiction texts.

T3: Language Target: Students can use a wide variety of words effectively, including general vocabulary and specific literary terms, and adhere to the standard rules of English grammar when communicating.

T4: Research & Inquiry Target: Students can conduct research for a variety of purposes (evaluating sources for validity and appropriateness), and provide accurate citations.




Full Year


6, 7, 8

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