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Business Ventures Online Middle School Class

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Class Length
1 Semester
Online middle school entrepreneurship class free for Wisconsin studentsTake middle school business ventures elective online and get closer to your middle school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students.


Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Can you resolve situations using ethical behavior? Will you be able to afford living on your own someday? Does advertising influence your purchasing decisions? This course explores owning or managing a business, ethical decision making, setting financial goals for your future, advertising and sales, and other business topics with hands-on activities and projects.


Business Management and Administration:

  1. Compare and contrast the types of business ownerships (sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations)
  2. Assess the impact of competition on business operations
  3. Distinguish traits of successful business owners and managers
  4. Identify and develop major components of a plan for starting a business including location, hours, and contact information, etc.

Financial Literacy:

  1. Examine how income affects choices and spending decisions when preparing a budget
  2. Create financial records and reports
  3. Write checks and deposit slips for a personal checking account
  4. Compute gross pay, taxes, and net pay using a weekly time card and payroll register
  5. Prepare and write checks for weekly payroll


  1. Compare types of advertising/promotion and reasons for using them
  2. Analyze the effectiveness and purpose of advertisements
  3. Plan, write, and create various types of advertisements
  4. Identify product features and benefits that help determine consumer buying decisions
  5. Develop, create, and market a product

Contributes to team project to produce original works or solve problems

Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project

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