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FREE online middle school in Wisconsin

It costs nothing to enroll & attend online middle school at eAchieve Academy

One of the greatest advantages of online learning through eAchieve Academy is we are completely tuition-free! We are based out of the Waukesha public school system which means we can offer high quality online middle school classes to all Wisconsin student for free.

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for WI Residents Under 21

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Cost to Enroll in Online Middle School in Wisconsin
Online middle school is FREE for Wisconsin students who apply through open enrollment.

Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. At eAchieve Academy we work hard to ensure students can make the most of all the benefits of an online middle school education. We want to ensure students with busy extracurricular schedules or unpredictable life circumstances are able to afford the opportunity to get a quality K12 education that works for them.

Free laptop for all full-time students

A flexible learning environment is one of the greatest benefits of online classes and at eAchieve Academy we make sure students have the technology they need to take advantage of that flexibility. We’ve partnered with Milwaukee PC to ensure every full-time eAchieve Academy student enrolled at the beginning of the year has a free laptop to complete their coursework.

By making sure every student has their technology needs taken care of we put all of our students on equal footing and give them the same opportunities to succeed.

Internet Service Reimbursement for online middle school students

eAchieve Academy students with passing grades in all of their classes are eligible to receive an internet stipend to help cover the costs of internet service. At the end of each semester students can be reimbursed $60 to help them cover their internet costs and continue their online education. We want to eliminate as many barriers as possible make sure all of our students are able to take advantage of all the benefits of online classes.

Tuition cost for out-of-state students

Students who live outside Wisconsin are also welcome at eAchive, with paid tuition. Find out pricing and how to enroll:

Tuition & enrollment for

Low cost high quality middle school education

The online school format of eAchieve Academy allows us to minimize costs and keep fees reasonable. Our use of etextbooks lets us keep materials costs low. Some classes will require students to purchase common school supplies.

eAchieve’s fees for extracurriculars like music and sports are significantly lower than those of traditional public schools.

Contact eAchieve Academy for online middle school enrollment information and more details on what virtual education entails.
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