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Wisconsin Online Middle School Reviews

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Reviews Show Students & Parents Value Flexibility of Virtual School

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Read reviews and testimonials from students, teachers & parents.

Self-motivated and inspired middle school aged students report a huge preference for online middle school. They embrace the flexible course and schedule structure. It also leaves them more time to pursue valuable extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs or employment.

An online academy is especially valuable for students with special needs. These students can struggle adapting to the academic programs in place at traditional schools. The study-at-your-own-pace format of our online middle school allows students to spend more time on subjects they struggle with and go deeper into areas of strength or interest.

eAchieve Academy’s online school program provides many advantages for students and parents alike.

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Reviews from Teachers Highlight Diversity of Students

Teachers who have participated in eAchieve Academy understand online education is the wave of the future. Unrestricted by geography and an 8-3 schedule, our teachers can reach any student with only a few clicks. Even though teachers don’t see their students on a day-to-day basis, they still associate with them via live e-sessions and frequent feedback exchanges on the main portal.

No longer are teachers forced to exclude students because of maximum class size or limited one-on-one time. The convenient online nature of eAchieve Academy allows teachers time to communicate with every student individually.

Online academies tend to attract enrollment from self-motivated students who structure their own schedules based on realistic pace charts. With less time spent handling course structure and work assignments, teachers have greater capability to provide one-on-one time with students who require attention.

eAchieve Academy’s online middle school affords teachers the time and ability to communicate with students. Our virtual academy gives your student the best opportunity to get the most from 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

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