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How Online Middle School Works

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eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school based out of the Waukesha public school district. As a publicly funded school we are able to provide Middle schoolers are allowed to complete their work on their own schedule online quality K12 education to Wisconsin residents under the age of 21. We even help supply free laptops and internet stipend to assist any student who wishes to learn online.

We have a full curriculum of core and elective classes. All of our classes are taught by experienced Wisconsin state-certified instructors. At eAchieve Academy, students have no problem receiving a full, well-rounded education. Get started in 5 steps:

  1. Gather Information
  2. Enroll
  3. Get Set Up to Succeed
  4. Sign Up for Classes
  5. Graduate and Get Ready for High School

Online middle school is a great full or part-time option for nontraditional or homeschooled students.

Contact eAchieve Academy to learn more about tuition-free online K12 education from experienced teachers.

Gather Information and Make a Decision

There are plenty of resources for students and parents to learn more about eAchieve Academy.

Go to an Information Session Either Online or In-Person

eAchieve Academy hosts a series of information sessions throughout the year for prospective students and their parents. We have multiple information sessions scheduled throughout the state during the year.

See the information session schedule here.

Read Reviews From Parents and Students

To learn if eAchieve Academy is the right choice for you, why not learn about how it has worked out for others. We have a wide variety of students from all kinds of backgrounds and situations. Read reviews from them and their parents about their experiences below:

Talk to Guidance Counselors

Speaking to a guidance counselor, whether it’s at a traditional school or one from eAchieve Academy, can be a great way to determine if online school is a good fit for a student’s academic goals and personal learning aspirations. For profit school guidance counselors might try to sway you one way or another to improve their numbers, but at eAchieve Academy our only goal is a student’s personal growth and learning.

Contact eAchieve Academy to find out if online school is a good fit for you or your student. Also look at our list of traits of a successful online school student.


The enrollment process at eAchieve Academy is fairly straightforward, mostly it involves notifying the state that your student is still attending school!

There are several ways to enroll and which one you use depends on your student’s circumstances and situation. Students may additionally enroll part-time, with one or two classes to supplement their traditional education, or as a full-time alternative to brick-and-mortar schooling.

Open Enrollment (for Wisconsin Residents Only)

The most common way to enroll at eAchieve Academy is through the open enrollment period, which runs February through April. You can apply through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website, or Contact eAchieve Academy for help!

Get more open enrollment information here

Alternate Open Enrollment (For Wisconsin Residents Only)

If you missed the open enrollment period, there is an alternate open enrollment period for parents and students. To take advantage of the alternate open enrollment period, which runs from June through January, you have to download and fillout an alternate enrollment form and mail it with a letter explaining special circumstances to the Wisconsin DPI in Madison.

Get more alternate open enrollment and special circumstances info here

Get Set Up To Succeed

Free Laptops for Online Middle School Students

full-time eAchieve middle school students are eligible to receive $400 for a computer from Milwaukee PC. This will cover a base model with everything a student needs to succeed in online school. After the completion of your first successful semester the computer is yours to keep!

Internet Stipends for Online Middle School Students

For the completion of every semester successfully, each student will receive an internet stipend of $60. At eAchieve Academy we believe in helping every student get the tools and resources they require to succeed academically.

Sign Up For Classes

At eAchieve Academy, students are given the freedom to learn on their own terms. That means signing up for classes that are relevant to their interestsOnline middle school students can choose classes that interest them and completing them on a schedule that works for them. Study whenever, work ahead if you wish and fit school around your life.

Teachers provide pace charts to parents to ensure that students are keeping up with their studies and on track to finish everything on time.

Graduate and Head to High School

Students with the traits for a successful online school student will fly through middle school with eAchieve Academy in no time! Whether a student decides to continue on to online high school with us or transfer to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, eAchieve middle schoolers will be ready for the next step.

See if eAchieve Academy is right for you and your student by contacting our admissions department

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