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Middle School Schedules that Work for Wisconsin Families

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Online Middle School Gives Students Flexibility

Wisconsin student searching for a middle school schedule that really works

Virtual schooling lets you create a schedule as unique as your student for truly personalized learning.

Traditional middle school schedules are not the best fit for every student. They employ a one-size-fits-all approach appropriate only for students who are comfortable at a standardized pace.

eAchieve Academy understands each student is unique and learns at a different pace and in distinct ways. There is no one way to educate every child.

We provide all students with an opportunity to set their own schedule and determine the pace of their own learning. Students who struggle to keep up are allowed to slow down and fully grasp the material before moving forward. Those who move through the curriculum quickly are allowed to work ahead.

The eAchieve Academy online middle school program offers inspired and self-motivated students unprecedented flexibility in carving their own educational path.

Online schooling conforms itself uniquely to your student in a way traditional schools cannot. eAchieve Academy’s virtual middle school is your child’s best opportunity to have an optimal learning schedule.

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What is a traditional middle school schedule?

Traditionally, middle school students have a six, 7 or 8-period schedule filled with classes, a lunch period, and sometimes study hall. In a traditional middle school schedule students have five minutes between class periods to visit their lockers, restrooms, and move to the next classroom.

What is block scheduling in middle school?

Block scheduling means each class period is longer so students have fewer class periods per day.

On a modified block schedule, a student may only have four class periods instead of seven or eight.

How does scheduling work at eAchieve Academy?

There is no fixed schedule at our online middle school. Students study, ask questions, and move through course material at their own pace.

Virtual Learning Supplements Traditional Educational Program

Enrolling your child in the eAchieve Academy program is possible even if you want to continue attending a face-to-face, classroom-based educational environment. Students can attend our online middle school on a part-time basis, using it as a supplement to their traditional education.

Using online schooling as a supplement allows students and parents to construct a well-rounded education featuring the best of both worlds.

If a class at your local middle school is full, your student will not be left behind. eAchieve Academy has no physical restrictions on class size like traditional brick-and-mortar classes. You can use our online program to enroll your child in courses that are full or unavailable at your traditional school.

Maintain a balance of traditional and online middle school and your child will receive a top notch, comprehensive education.

For a middle school schedule that really works, request enrollment information from eAchieve today.
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