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Virtual learning option for Wisconsin students in grades K-12

Wisconsin Virtual Learning

Free virtual school courses for K-12 students & homeschooling

Wisconsin Virtual Learning

Virtual learning through eAchieve is fully accredited & based in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin students are eligible to enroll in our tuition-free virtual school courses for full-time virtual learning or as a supplement to a traditional curriculum.

eAchieve Academy is a virtual public charter school providing individualized learning and self-paced online courses for elementary, middle and high school students.

Wisconsin virtual school courses

We have an extensive selection of virtual core courses and electives for every grade:

You’re not limited to the curriculum offered at schools in your area. Students living in any city or school district statewide can apply and make the switch to virtual learning (or just take specific online courses you’re interested in).

Wisconsin education just got more flexible

Because we’re a public charter school, there is no cost for Wisconsin residents to enroll in our virtual courses (out of state students are also welcome, with paid tuition).

With full-time enrollment you can get a free laptop and internet stipend to defray the costs of accessing virtual learning.

With part-time enrollment you can sign up for 1 or 2 virtual courses each semester and keep attending your regular school (or homeschool program). This is a great way to take advantage of our online AP courses, make up for incomplete classes or even work ahead to graduate early.

Enhance online homeschooling with more options

Our accredited virtual classes are a great way to broaden your horizons in a homeschool program. Students can sign up for world languages, business education classes, digital art, and even health and PE.

About a quarter of our enrolled students came from a home schooling environment before finding eAchieve. Whether you choose to supplement your home schooling or make the switch to full-time virtual learning, we’re here to answer any questions you might have about how our online courses work for home schooled students.

Wisconsin virtual school courses

Motivated students are free to work ahead or challenge themselves with courses their local schools might not offer.

Virtual learning, real life results

As a charter school, eAchieve is held accountable for our students’ academic success. eAchieve students outperform state averages and are among the highest performers on the ACT test and 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE) of all virtual high school students in Wisconsin.

High school diplomas earned through eAchieve are 100% legitimate, as much as any other public high school in Wisconsin. Whether you plan on higher education or entering the workforce after high school, virtual learning helps prepare you for success. Online students develop important skills like time management, independence, responsibility and self-motivation.

Wisconsin’s best virtual learning is never outsourced

Some online charter schools are operated by profit-seeking EMOs headquartered out of state – not eAchieve. Our Wisconsin state certified teachers are Wisconsin residents and have years of experience teaching in traditional and virtual classrooms right here in the Badger State. All virtual courses are fully accredited, and our online curriculum meets the standards of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

eAchieve Academy isn’t your only virtual learning option, but we believe we’re the best option. Before committing to enrollment in a virtual academy, make sure you know where their priorities lie.

Request enrollment information online to get started. Have questions? Send us an email or call and we’ll be happy to help!


Virtual Learning FAQ

Online option for K-12 Wisconsin education

Virtual classes help students practice time management & self-motivation.

How does a virtual class work?

Our virtual classes are self-paced, so students study independently and use the provided pace chart to stay on track. There are also optional live eSessions for each class on a weekly basis. This is a virtual classroom experience where students can interact with the instructor and one another. Students can also get in touch with teachers by phone or email with any questions.

What are the benefits of virtual learning?

Virtual learning gives students and their families much more flexibility in their daily schedule. You can study whenever you have time, and there’s no commute to or from school to worry about. Students also get individualized attention, and lesson plans are personalized based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our virtual courses also benefit students who want to stick with their current school and take extra classes online, allowing them to make up credits or work ahead.

Are virtual classes easier?

Our online courses meet the standards set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, just like other public schools statewide. Many students do find virtual classes easier because they can learn at their own speed, get individualized lesson plans, and get to ask questions one-on-one, free from the distractions and social pressures of a traditional classroom setting.

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