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How to take online high school classes for free in Wisconsin

How to sign up and take online high school classes in Wisconsin

Applying to take online high school courses in Wisconsin is straightforward. Most of the process involves filling out the required documentation so the State of Wisconsin knows you’re attending school.

But the time of your initial enrollment dictates the nuts and bolts of the process. Applying in March is much different than applying later in the year in say, September. The State of Wisconsin offers a few different options to appeal to all kinds of enrollees.

1. Open enrollment – apply for online high school on a full-time basis

Students must fill out and submit their enrollment documentation during the open enrollment or period to transition to online school full-time.

How to sign up for free virtual high school classes in Wisconsin
Online high school is FREE for Wisconsin students who apply through open enrollment.

How to enroll in online high school for Wisconsin residents

There is a period when the state of Wisconsin allows students to decide which school district they will be attending during the next school year. This period usually runs from February through April and if you’re a Wisconsin resident this is the easiest time to enroll in online school through eAchieve Academy.

During the open enrollment period you can enroll in online schooling through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website or by contacting eAchieve Academy for assistance.

Open enrollment information

2. Part-time enrollment – as a supplement or to resolve scheduling conflicts

Online K-12 schoolers also have the option to enroll in online classes part-time by filling out the appropriate paperwork and submitting it no later than 6 weeks before the start of the semester.

How to enroll in online high school part-time

Students in Wisconsin’s public schools have the option to enroll at eAchieve Academy part-time either to supplement their education with courses that aren’t available in their normal schools or to remedy a scheduling conflict.

Part-time enrollment is also a great option for homeschooled students. Homeschoolers living anywhere in Wisconsin can enroll in one or two free classes online each semester to supplement their homeschool curriculum.

To enroll part-time a student must fill out the Wisconsin State part-time enrollment application as well as the eAchieve Academy part-time enrollment application and mail them both to our offices no more than six weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Part-time enrollment information

3. Alternate open enrollment – switch to full-time after the regular open enrollment period ends

If you missed the open enrollment period you may still enroll in online classes through the alternate open enrollment period which runs from June through January.

How to sign up for online school if you missed the open enrollment period

To take advantage of the alternate open enrollment period you meet certain ‘special case’ circumstances such as:

  1. The student’s parents and school administrators agree attending online school is best for the student
  2. The student has been the victim of a violent crime
  3. The student has been a victim of repeated bullying or harassment that persists despite intervention from school administration
  4. The student has been homeless in the current of previous school year
  5. The student’s residence has changed due to a parent’s military orders
  6. The student became a resident of Wisconsin in the last 30 days
  7. The student has changed their place of residence due to a court order, custody agreement, or a new foster home placement.

To register you have to download and fill out the alternate enrollment form and then mail it to eAchieve Academy’s offices with a letter explaining how the student’s situation meets one of the ‘special case’ circumstances listed above and a recent transcript or grade report.

Alternate open enrollment information

4. Immediate transfer – sign up for online high school and switch ASAP

The State of Wisconsin also allows students to transfer to online high school immediately in special circumstances.

How to transfer to an online high school IMMEDIATELY in Wisconsin

To enroll with eAchieve Academy or any other online high school in the state of Wisconsin, you must:

  1. Meet one of the open enrollment exceptions
  2. Fill out and mail in the immediate transfer application
Immediate transfer & enrollment information
Contact eAchieve Academy for enrollment information or to start signing up for classes.
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