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Mother Helping Elementary School Son with Homework

Parent monitoring in online elementary, middle and high school

At a virtual school like Wisconsin’s eAchieve Academy, parental support is vital for success. Parents and students count on our teachers to set up the online courses, create learning activities, hold weekly online instructional sessions, answer questions, assess learning, and provide feedback. At the same time, our teachers count on each student’s parent for monitoring progress and providing appropriate motivation.

Parental involvement is part of every high, middle and elementary school, even online academies

The teacher-student-parent relationship is more important in an online academy than it is in a traditional elementary, middle or high school. Students with highly diverse backgrounds and educational needs choose to attend eAchieve Academy for its flexible approach to education. Our teachers have the skill and experience required to meet these needs, but parents are best positioned to know each student's unique situation and intervene when needed.

Online school program keeps parents informed of their student's progress

We provide three separate ways to keep parents informed of progress throughout the school year.

24/7 Grade Book Access - Parents receive their own username and password allowing them to check their student's grades at any time from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Parents can also connect with teachers by email or phone at any time.

Progress Reports - After the 4th, 8th, and 12th weeks of each semester, parents are mailed a progress report containing personalized notes from teachers and an indication of work quality and if the student is on pace to complete the course.

Activity Reports - Every Monday, an email will be sent to parents indicating how many minutes the student spent in each class last week, the day they submitted work in each class and a list of any past due assignments for each class.

Parent Monitoring High School Student
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