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How Many Credits Do I Need to Graduate?

How Many Credits Do I Need to Graduate High School in Wisconsin

You need ou need 22 credits to graduate from public high schools in Wisconsin like eAchieve Academy.

A year-long (two-semester) course in Wisconsin accounts for 1 credit and a half-year (one-semester) course accounts for 0.5 credits. These totals are accurate for 2017 and beyond.

Learning Area


Course List

1 credit = 2 semesters )


4.0 See our free online high school English classes


3.0 See our free online high school Math classes 


3.0 See our free online high school Science classes 

Social Studies**

3.5 See our free online high school Social Studies classes 


0.5 See our free online high school Health classes 


0.5 See our free online high school PE classes

Service Learning

1.0 See our free online high school Service Learning classes


6.5 See our free online high school Electives
TOTAL 22.0  



Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements
Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements

*1.0 Biology + 1.0 Physical Science + 1.0 Elective

**Class of 2018 and beyond: 1.0 Human Geography + 0.5 World History + 1.0 US History + 0.5 American Government + 0.5 Economics

NOTE: Current School District of Waukesha students transferring to eAchieve for their senior year will still need to meet the 25 credit graduation requirement from their face-to-face high school plus the Service Learning requirement. While we do transcribe credits earned at other institutions prior to enrollment at eAchieve, students must earn a minimum of 4 credits at eAchieve to qualify for an eAchieve diploma.

Requirements to Receive Diploma upon Graduation

Signing up for online high school is a great way to get a diploma on your terms. eAchieve Academy has graduated more students than any other Wisconsin virtual high school. Our online high school courses will help you satisfy all graduation requirements.

Planning on College after Online High School? Keep This in Mind

High school is the doorway to higher education for many of eAchieve Academy’s students. If you are planning on applying to college after graduating, it is important to remember both 2- and 4-year colleges/universities generally require the following:

  • 17 academic units in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language
  • Minimum math requirement is Algebra 2
  • Minimum Science requirement is Chemistry
  • Some colleges/universities may require 2 years foreign language

eAchieve Academy’s online school counselors are here to help you make the right decisions when choosing your courses. As Wisconsin’s best online high school, we’re committed to seeing you succeed in all of your academic undertakings. Check with an eAchieve Academy counselor to find out more about which high school classes will best prepare you for achieving your post-graduation goals.

Get your High School Diploma and Attend Graduation

eAchieve Academy graduates receive the same diploma through the School District of Waukesha as is issued at the other district high schools. Our students are able to attend the graduation ceremony in-person or watch it streamed live on the web.

Contact eAchieve Academy, Wisconsin’s best online high school for more information about graduating with a diploma.
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