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Credit deficient diploma option

For senior-aged students under 21 and lacking the credits to graduate, getting a diploma can be difficult through traditional schools. Fortunately for Wisconsin residents, eAchieve Academy offers a free online competency-based program. Our online program is a path to a high school diploma from the School District of Waukesha for highly motived students who are severely credit deficient.

Adults under 21 can receive a diploma through online high school

The competency-based diploma option allows you to demonstrate you have achieved high school level competency in the core areas of math, science, social studies, English, health, service learning and employment. Instead of earning regular class credit, you are required to demonstrate competency in the core areas through the completion of individualized projects, essays and exams.

Free online competency-based high school diploma program

There is no cost to enroll in eAchieve Academy’s competency-based high school diploma program if you are credit deficient. Completing the program requires a lot of work in a short time span to graduate with your diploma in June. Be prepared and committed to work hard. The entirely online program is highly structured. Assignments and projects are due weekly to ensure successful graduation. You must also plan to transition to either a college/university or employment.

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