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How Virtual School Works

Go to School Online and Get a High School Diploma

Online school student working on free laptop with books"How do you go to school without going to school?" It's a question Wisconsin virtual elementary, middle and high school learners hear a lot. Rather than a traditional bricks and mortar classroom, eAchieve Academy students learn in a virtual, online school. We've replaced bricks for clicks!

The "where" of learning has changed to a virtual school environment, but "what" you learn remains the same.

At eAchieve Academy, you will study traditional core classes online, including biology, history, English and physics, as well as being able to choose a wide variety of elective, AP and honors classes. Upon graduation, you’ll receive a School District of Waukesha high school diploma.

Interactive Virtual Classroom Run by Experienced Teachers

eAchieve Academy employs dedicated instructors with many years of face-to-face and online teaching experience. Our educators find, organize and create the highest-quality curriculum, resources, activities and assessments to post on the school's website. This password-protected 24/7 online environment is the hub of our virtual high, middle and elementary school. You’ll find interactive class lessons, resources and assignments and can submit your work, view corrected assignments and respond to teacher feedback. The portal even lets you check grades and communicate with teachers and classmates.

Online High School with Live Sessions

Live, teacher-lead learning "eSessions" are offered weekly for every course in our online high school. While attendance is not required, the live sessions are a great way to actively participate in discussions, meet and interact with classmates and ask real-time questions of instructors. These sessions are an excellent way to support your learning throughout the academic year.

Pace Charts Let You Learn at your Speed without Getting Left Behind

One of the biggest benefits of online school is the ability to set your own pace. Although there is flexibility to complete assignments any time within a semester, pace charts for online school are provided for each class to help you stay on top of your coursework without falling behind. The pace charts list weekly assignments, readings, activities and assessments, guiding you to a successful finish by the semester's end.

Wisconsin’s Best Online School Has Support Team Committed to Your Success

eAchieve Academy is more than just a place to learn. Its teachers and support staff are committed to helping you succeed in school and in life. Our staff is what sets us apart from other Wisconsin virtual middle, elementary and high schools. Actively engaged in course development, our teachers instruct and interact with students online and are easily accessible via email or phone. All students are partnered with an academic adviser and counselors to make sure everybody succeeds to their full potential. Extra support services are available for students with special needs.

Enroll in Wisconsin’s best online high school, eAchieve Academy, to begin learning around your schedule.
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