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How Online High School Works

How K-12 Online Learning Works >> High School

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Wisconsin residents under 21 get free online classes & freedom of choice

How online high school works

It's easier than ever to get a free, high-quality K-12 education on your own terms.

eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school in the Waukesha school district. This means we use tax funding to provide completely free online learning for Wisconsin residents under age 21. You can even get a free laptop & internet stipend

Virtual high school students study core classes online including English, history, math, science and a wide variety of elective, AP and honors courses—all taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified instructors.

  • Students study independently, complete homework assignments and take exams
  • Each online class has a pace chart to help keep you on track
  • You can attend optional live weekly eSessions for each course for a virtual classroom experience
  • Students can get in touch with teachers during office hours, by phone or email
  • Each student has an academic advisor for one-on-one support
  • If you want to, you can join clubs and participate in social events and community projects

When you graduate you get the same real high school diploma students attending Waukesha South, Waukesha North or Waukesha West receive. eAchieve offers goal mapping and career planning tools to help students prepare for college or the working world after graduation.

Online high school is a great full or part-time option for:

  • Non-traditional students
  • Homeschooled students
  • Students attending a traditional high school who want to graduate early
  • Adults under 21 who lack the credits to graduate and want to earn a competency-based high school diploma

Learn more about how online K-12 schooling works, discover the benefits of online high school or contact eAchieve for more information.

eAchieve Academy is Tuition-Free and our admissions staff are happy to answer your questions about online schooling.

Get a preview of online high school and have your questions answered.

From open houses to your current school counselors to parent and student reviews, there’s a plethora of resources to learn about online school and eAchieve Academy.

Attend an In-Person or Virtual Information Session

One of the best aspects of eAchieve is accessibility for everyone. You don’t have to live in a big city to get the best resources public school has to offer. Throughout the year, we run information sessions (kind of like an open house) for prospective students and parents throughout Wisconsin. You can attend one of the in-person open house stops scheduled at various locations throughout the state.

You can see an information session schedule here.

Read Our Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a gauge on how viable an option is to read, see or hear about others’ experiences. The diversity among eAchieve’s students is one of its strengths. From musicians to farmers and athletes to actors, we’ve asked them (and their parents!) to review eAchieve:

Compared to all other online charter schools in Wisconsin, eAchieve is perennially at the top of the pack. We pride ourselves on getting the best teachers who care most of all about the success of their students.

Talk to eAchieve Guidance Counselors or Your Current School Counselor

Guidance counselors help with academic goals, social and personal development skills and career development goals. Other online school guidance counselors may try to sway your decision because they are for-profit schools. eAchieve Academy’s guidance counselor team is driven by one thing only: student goals and success.

For some students, online school is not the best option. Here’s a list of character traits the most successful online students possess.

Meet Our Teachers

eAchieve Academy employs dedicated teachers with many years of face-to-face and online teaching experience. Our educators find, organize and create the highest-quality curriculum, resources, activities and assessments to post on the school's website. This password-protected 24/7 online environment is the hub of our virtual high, middle and elementary school. You’ll find interactive class lessons, resources and assignments and can submit your work, view corrected assignments and respond to teacher feedback. The portal even lets you check grades and communicate with teachers and classmates.

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Enroll for free in the upcoming school year or immediate transfer.

Enrolling in eAchieve Academy is very simple, and it’s mostly documentation that gets sent to the state to ensure you’re actually attending school! 

There are different types of enrollment and different ways to enroll. You can figure out the best way/type for your circumstance below.

Open Enrollment (Wisconsin Residents Only!)

What is it? A period where the state allows students to choose which school (in a different school district) they prefer to enroll in. Hundreds of students every year open enroll in eAchieve Academy.

When is it? Wisconsin open enrollment usually runs from February through April every year.

Do I qualify? If you’re a Wisconsin resident (even if you don’t live in Wisconsin) in 4K to 12th grade, (under 21 years old) you can apply!

How do I do it? Online application process (free) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website. Or contact eAchieve Academy and we can help you!

More open enrollment info here

Alternate Open Enrollment (Wisconsin Residents Only!)

What is it? For parents and students who’ve missed the regular open enrollment period for various reasons, an alternative open enrollment period runs every year.

When is it? June through January. Alternate open enrollment starts after the regular open enrollment period ends (usually early June) and ends before regular open enrollment starts the next year (usually late January).

Do I qualify? See "special cases" below.

How do I do it? The alternate open enrollment process takes place through snail mail. Process is to download and fill out the alternate enrollment form and mail it (along with a letter explaining circumstances) to the Wisconsin DPI in Madison.

More alternate open enrollment info here.

Special Cases

How to apply for alternative enrollment

Online school offers continuity for students who move or travel often.

When applying for alternative open enrollment, the State of Wisconsin asks you to explain the circumstances for applying after regular open enrollment has ended, including:

    • The pupil’s parent(s) and eAchieve Academy and the school district you live in agree that attending eAchieve Academy is in the best interests of the pupil.
    • The school district you live in determines the pupil has been the victim of a violent crime.
    • The pupil is or has been homeless in the current or preceding school year.
    • The pupil has been the victim of repeated bullying or harassment that has been reported to the school district you live in and continues to happen despite actions put in place by the school district.
    • The pupil’s place of residence has changed due to the parent’s military orders.
    • The pupil moved into Wisconsin within the past 30 days.
    • The pupil’s place of residence has changed as a result of a court order or custody agreement, or the pupil was placed in a foster home or with a person other than the pupil’s parent, or removed from a foster home or the home of a person other than the pupil’s parent.

Part-Time Enrollment

What is it? Part-time enrollment means you take one or two classes every semester from eAchieve Academy and still remain at the same school you are attending right now. Our Wisconsin school district list outlines traditional schooling options to compliment your eAchieve part-time classes.

Why? Maybe eAchieve offers an AP class your school doesn’t or you can’t fit all the classes you want to take into your schedule. This is also a great option for students who want to graduate early.

How? Follow the procedures for open enrollment or alternate open enrollment to apply for part-time enrollment.

More info about part-time enrollment here.

Full-Time Enrollment

What is it? Full-time enrollment means you take all your classes during the semester from eAchieve Academy.

How? Follow the procedures for open enrollment or alternate open enrollment to apply for full-time enrollment.

More info about full-time enrollment here.

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Free online access to K-12 classes with your own computer or our free laptop program.

Free Laptop Details

Full-time eAchieve students qualify for a free laptop from Milwaukee PC. We’ll contribute $400 towards this computer, which will get you the base model. If you want a computer costing more than $400, you’ll be responsible for covering the difference.

Once you successfully complete your first semester at eAchieve, the laptop is yours to keep. If you don’t complete the semester, you have the option of paying for the computer or returning it to Milwaukee PC.

See if you qualify for a free laptop from eAchieve Academy here.

Internet Stipend Details

After every successfully completed semester, students will receive an Internet stipend of $60. High-speed Internet is recommended, but our courses will also run on slower Internet connections.

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Classes & coursework without bells & whistles.

The best thing about eAchieve Academy is the flexibility of its schedule. This is why it’s such a great option for unconventional students. You can learn at your own pace and study when and wherever.

You’re allowed to work ahead when there’s extra time in your schedule. Setting your own learning schedule also gives you the benefit of learning independent study skills earlier in life.

Worried about falling behind? eAchieve Academy provides pace charts for each class that track your progress (so you won’t fall behind). Need to make up high school credits? eAchieve makes it easy to earn high school credits online quickly so you can graduate with your class.

Pace charts keep you on schedule

One of the biggest benefits of online school is the ability to set your own pace. Although there is flexibility to complete assignments any time within a semester, pace charts for online school are provided for each class to help you stay on top of your coursework without falling behind. The pace charts list weekly assignments, readings, activities and assessments, guiding you to a successful finish by the semester's end.

Pace charts are formatted like to-do lists. There are separate pace charts for every class you’re enrolled in.

Online High School Pace Chart
Example pace chart from a 1st semester economics class. Click to see the full version.

Although pace charts are set up to be user-friendly, online school may not be the best option for every student. Discipline and staying on task is incredibly important.

More info about learning pace and pace charts here.

The best traits of online students include discipline and planning.

Best traits of online students

Online learning is a good fit for motivated, responsible students.

Because eAchieve academy is independent and flexible, online students should exhibit qualities like:

      • Self-motivation
      • Self-discipline
      • Good reading and writing skills
      • Not being afraid to ask for help
      • Strong time management skills

Read this article for more information about the best traits for online students to possess.

Live eSessions offer a live "in-class" experience with teachers and students.

In eSessions, students are able to ask questions, join discussions and interact with other students.

Live, teacher-lead learning "eSessions" are offered weekly for every course in our online high school. While attendance is not required, the live sessions are a great way to actively participate in discussions, meet and interact with classmates and ask real-time questions of instructors. These sessions are an excellent way to support your learning throughout the academic year.

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Clubs, counselors, prom, yearbook, student council & more. Opt in, never miss out.

From summers off to clubs like student council, yearbook and events like senior prom, eAchieve offers the best things about traditional brick and mortar schools.

Online high school social activities Wisconsin

eAchieve students can choose to participate in clubs, student council & community activities.

☀ Summers Off! ☀

What’s your favorite summer activity? Vacations or sleeping in – whatever it is, you still get summers off at eAchieve Academy (if you choose so).

If you’re looking to make up classes or graduate early, eAchieve offers summer school as well.


Including our eAchieve’s own music, science and snow clubs, students are also encouraged to join clubs at any other School District of Waukesha schools! Clubs are a great way to make and maintain friendships.

Student Council

Share interests, ideas and concerns with other students, teachers and the principal in student council. You can also help raise funds for school activities, like field trips, community projects, helping people in need and more.

You can also run for school positions like president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, activities social chair or representative.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an association that was established to recognize great high school students. More than 1,000,000 high school students participate in NHS activities. Participating in the NHS can look very impressive to college admissions staff!

The NHS doesn’t only recognize great students, it challenges them to do more for their schools and communities with their gifts.


With help from teacher volunteers, students make memories of each school year in the form of copy and pictures. It can help you improve social skills and writing skills.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Prom

Each year, high school students can end the year off with a bang. All eAchieve high school students are invited to prom, including freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Amazingly Helpful & Caring High School Counselors

During the course of your eAchieve career, our guidance counselors can help you:

      • Transfer transcripts
      • Choose classes and plan class sequence
      • Change classes
      • Understand and meet Wisconsin graduation requirements
      • Plan for academic and career success
      • With college admissions
      • Get information about college entrance exam testing
      • Prepare for the job hunt

More about social benefits online school here.

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Get your REAL high school diploma on time, early or in our competency-based program.

When students graduate from eAchieve Academy, they get a 100% real high school diploma. It’s actually the same diploma other students who graduate from the Waukesha School District get. You don't have to take all four years of high school at eAchieve. Students who've completed some of their high school education in a homeschool program or traditional school are welcome to make the switch and finish high school at home.

Yes, it's a 100% real high school diploma

One of the most asked questions on Google about online high schools is “Are Online High School Diplomas Legit?”. No eAchieve graduate has ever had their diploma rejected by a university admissions department. Furthermore, all eAchieve diplomas are backed by the full faith of the Department of Public Instruction. eAchieve is a public elementary, middle and high school and part of the Waukesha School District.

Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements

In Wisconsin, you need 22 credits to graduate high school. For every semester-long class, you get 0.5 credits.

( 1 credit = 2 semesters )
Learning Area Credits
English 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3.5
Health 0.5
PE 0.5
Service Learning 1
Electives 6.5

Check our graduation requirements page for a more detailed explanation of Wisconsin high school graduation requirements.

If you’re a college bound student, we recommend filling the gaps in your schedule with more science, math and AP courses.

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Advance with confidence into college, employment, entrepreneurship or wherever life takes you.

It’s totally up to you. By this point in your life, eAchieve Academy has taught you some very valuable skills you can use in wherever your journey is bringing you next.

College after online high school

The skills you develop in online school will serve you well in college and in the workplace.

Go to College

One option after high school graduation is attending college. eAchieve has some wonderful guidance counselors who can help you with the application process. You’ve probably had some pretty great teachers by this point as well who would be more than happy to write a college recommendation letter for you.

Along with high ACT scores, eAchieve Academy is known for helping students get into the university of their choice.

Start a Career

Another option after high school is to start a career. The beauty of it is you’ve learned extremely valuable skills at eAchieve Academy that you can apply to your new career, including one of the most important skills in life: discipline.

Start Your Own Business

Got a great idea for a business plan? Have an entrepreneurial spirit? There's no doubt eAchieve Academy helped give you the tools you need to exceed in your new ventures.

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Wisconsin’s Best Online School Has Support Team Committed to Your Success

eAchieve Academy is more than just a place to learn. Our teachers and support staff are committed to helping you succeed both in school and in life. Our staff is what sets us apart from other Wisconsin virtual learning middle, elementary and high schools. Actively engaged in course development, our teachers instruct and interact with students online and are easily accessible via email or phone. All students are partnered with an academic adviser and counselors to make sure everybody succeeds to their full potential. Extra support services are available for students with special needs.

Looking for online summer school courses?

Unfortunately we're not able to offer an online summer school program at this time.

Students are welcome to apply for part-time enrollment during the school year. This lets you take one or two extra classes online while still attending your regular school. (Full time enrollment is a great option too!)

Not a Wisconsin resident?

You can still attend eachieve academy.

Students living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll as full or part-time students with paid tuition.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing eAchieve & enrollment options for out-of-state students:


Start your journey by starting a conversation with our admissions staff

Whatever your path holds for you after high school, eAchieve Academy may be the best place to start your journey. It’s free, simple to enroll and flexible. We have experienced teachers who truly care about their students' success. The requirements for online school are few, and we're here to help. To talk with someone in our admissions department, request a meeting below.

Enroll in Wisconsin’s best online high school, eAchieve Academy, to begin learning around your schedule.


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