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Understand the differences between AP classes & college classes

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Are AP classes harder than college classes?

AP classes vs college classes

AP classes are designed to be as hard as introductory level college classes. The actual difficulty can vary based on your confidence in the subject & the type of instructor you have.

AP classes are meant to be about as hard as introductory-level college classes. High school students can earn college credit by taking AP classes, because the course material meets college standards.

Of course not all college classes have the same level of difficulty. A first-year college class in a subject may be about as hard as the corresponding AP class, but a third-year college class in the same subject will be harder.

Students might find any given AP class or college class to be easier or harder based on the individual instructor, curriculum at your school, and whether the class subjects aligns with your personal strengths.

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Do AP classes prepare you for college?

Yes. AP classes prepare college-bound high school students by presenting them with more in-depth course material and more challenging reading and homework assignments. If regular high school classes are too easy for you, taking AP classes can be a good way to get ready for the more rigorous academic environment of college.

AP exams are also a good way to prepare for college-level exams. They’re created teams of AP teachers and college professors at the College Board.
In a very practical way, AP classes also prepare you for college by giving you the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

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