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Free online AP prep classes for Wisconsin high school students

AP Prep classes can give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in AP coursework.

What is AP Prep?

AP prep classes, also called Pre-AP classes, are designed to introduce students to AP studies. In AP prep classes, students are given strategies for success in actual AP classes and the AP exam.

Free AP prep classes online

eAchieve Academy offers three AP prep classes online:

We also have a wide range of AP classes available, some of which are NCAA accredited courses:

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How do you get into AP classes?

There are no specific requirements or prerequisites for students who want to take an AP class. They are open and available to students enrolled both part or full-time at eAchieve.

How do you prepare for AP classes?

Because AP classes are college-level classes for high school students, preparing for more rigorous academic coursework with AP prep classes is a smart way to set yourself up for success.

AP prep classes help students develop the skills they’ll need in order to meet the challenges of AP coursework. Other ways to prepare for AP classes include:

  • Reviewing the AP class syllabus and learning targets
  • Getting familiar with the textbooks used in the AP class
  • Talking to the AP class instructor about expectations

AP classes cover more material (in more depth and detail) than regular high school classes and have more demanding homework assignments. Taking the time to prepare for an AP class will help you get the most out of it (and do your best on the AP exam).

What is the difference between Pre-AP and regular classes?

Pre-AP and regular high school classes cover the same subject matter, but Pre-AP classes also introduce skills and strategies to help students do well in AP courses and exams. They’re more challenging than a regular class, closer to an Honors class.

What are the benefits of Pre-AP classes?

Pre-AP (AP Prep) classes can make actual AP classes less stressful for students by preparing them for the higher expectations of AP coursework before they enroll in a college-level AP class. This can help prevent burnout and overwhelm when taking AP classes, and increase your odds of scoring well on the AP Exam.

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