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How to Decide Between AP & Dual Enrollment Courses

AP classes in high school >> Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment?

The landscape of advance classes high school students have available to them is a great opportunity, but it can also be confusing trying to decide which option is best for your future. Having to choose between regular high school courses, honors, AP classes & dual enrollment classes can seem like a confusing task. One of the biggest questions students might have is trying to decide between AP classes and dual enrollment. Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment for college credit? Read on to find out more about which one colleges prefer and why Wisconsin high school students should choose online AP classes at eAchieve Academy

Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment classes for college credit? Wisconsin high school students

Learn the difference between AP and dual enrollment courses to find out which one colleges prefer.

What's the Difference Between AP Classes & Dual Enrollment Courses?

Advance Placement Classes

AP courses are reviewed and approved by college faculty to ensure a standard that all students who take AP classes are doing college-level work, no matter where the course is offered. AP Exams that are taken at the end of every AP class are a standard way to measure that a student has mastered the college-level subject matter. Since colleges across the country know & implement this standard, many colleges offer college credit for advanced placement students with AP scores of 3 or higher. 

Dual Enrollment Courses

Since dual enrollment programs don't offer a set standard to measure whether students have truly mastered college-level school work, it's difficult for college officials to know the quality or rigor level of dual enrollment courses from other colleges. This can sometimes result in students receiving no college credit for their work unless they plan to attend the same college it was offered. When counted, these courses will count towards high school and college credit. However, in some cases, it will only count towards your high school GPA and not your college GPA.

Is Dual Enrollment Harder than AP?

Whether dual enrollment is harder than AP classes or not wildly depends on the subject, teacher, and college administering the dual enrollment course. Dual enrollment classes have no standardization nationwide which results in various degrees of quality and rigor among the courses. You may find some dual enrollment courses are more difficult than AP classes, while the opposite may be true as well.

Does Dual Enrollment Look Good to Colleges?

Dual enrollment programs can provide a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience to high school students and can sometimes even be applied towards college credit & GPA. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Due to the lack of standards involved with dual enrollment classes, many colleges might not consider competing colleges' courses to be equivalent in content & difficulty to the same courses they teach on their own campuses. 

Is it Better to Do Dual Enrollment or AP Classes?

Due to the nature of uncertainty that comes with taking a dual enrollment course, eAchieve Academy recommends AP courses over dual enrollment. Wisconsin students may not receive college credit or college GPA when taking dual enrollment classes due to non-standardization of these kinds of programs across colleges. High school students will have a higher chance of receiving college credit from their hard work when taking AP classes.

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