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What Free Online AP Classes Can I Take?

AP classes in high school >> What free online AP classes can I take?

All of the online advanced placement classes at eAchieve Academy are supported by the Waukesha School District and help our students earn real diplomas in the state of Wisconsin.

Explore AP classes by subject:

What Free Online AP Classes Can I Take?

You can also find all available online AP courses organized by grade level.

Earn Your Diploma Online with our Free Wisconsin High School!

Finding what online high school classes to take can be an exciting process. If this is your first time signing up for AP courses, your possibilities may feel endless. What are your real options when it comes to building your schedule when you want to include advanced placement classes?

In Wisconsin, students and parents alike turn to eAchieve Academy when they start their journey through the AP experience. We've made it as easy as possible for you to find answers to questions including: 

You can virtually take any AP class online you'd be able to take in a normal school setting. Looking for the advanced placement version of English, History, Science, Art, Spanish, or Math? eAchieve Academy is your best match. We look forward to helping you set up your ideal class schedule!

Free Online AP Classes at eAchieve Academy

AP US History AP World History
AP Physics 1 AP Physics 2
AP Spanish AP English
AP Psychology AP Music Theory
AP French AP Art History
AP Biology AP Chemistry
AP Calculus A/B AP Calculus B/C
AP Economics - Micro AP Economics - Macro
Free Online High School Wisconsin
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What Online AP Courses Can I Take?

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