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How to Manage AP Classes

AP classes in high school >> How do I manage AP Classes?

Advanced placement classes are typically much more challenging than a regular high school class, so it's important to be prepared and to learn how to manage taking multiple AP classes online. Students taking multiple AP courses should be prepared for the extra workload that comes with AP classes and to develop good time management skills. Keep reading to learn how to manage your time with AP classes.

How to manage multiple AP classes online Wisconsin high school students

Manage multiple AP classes and your time wisely with the help of eAchieve Academy.

Understand the Challenge of AP Classes

AP courses lean more towards resembling a college level course, than a high school one. While typical high school courses ease into their schedule, AP classes typically have a much longer curriculum that must be completed in a short amount of time and require a deeper understanding of the material. Students should be prepared for this challenging, yet rewarding undertaking. eAchieve Academy helps ease this challenge with great teachers, affording you the ability to work in the comfort of your home, and giving Wisconsin students the flexibility they need to work at their own pace.  

Choose AP Classes That Fit You

When choosing AP classes, be certain to choose classes that fit your interest and learning style. If you struggle with math, you should probably avoid taking AP calculus. If you enjoy history, consider taking AP World History or AP US History. This is not to discourage you from taking challenging AP courses, however. If you plan on taking a challenging AP course that has typically not been your best subject, consider filling your other AP classes with subjects you enjoy and are familiar with.

Choosing the right classes that interest you & fit your learning style, as well as the right amount of classes, is critical to learning how to manage multiple AP classes.

Consider a Prep Book for Your AP Classes

Although not a replacement for the AP course textbook, prep books can be a helpful supplement to the course. AP class prep books can be helpful for last minute review, practicing test questions, and getting a general idea of how the course is laid out. The right prep book largely depends on the AP class. Do some research to find out what other students recommend for your subject. Some of the most popular prep book brands include Barron's, Princeton Review, Kaplan, and 5 Steps to a 5.

Maintain a Healthy Schedule & Time Management

A healthy and well-maintained schedule is essential in managing your time with AP classes. Planning a set schedule for studying, homework, eating, breaks and sleeping are all factors you should plan out to be at your best & brightest. Be sure to give yourself ample time to finish homework and studying, even if it might mean canceling plans on the weekend every now and then. Conversely, be sure to take time for yourself so you don't become overwhelmed by all the work an AP class can have. It's all about finding the perfect balance between school, social and work schedules.

Don't worry, eAchieve Academy will accommodate your schedule to make taking AP classes online as smooth as possible. We have the teachers, online infrastructure, and personalized learning needed to give you the flexibility to make it all happen. Not to mention, eAchieve Academy offers FREE enrollment and tuition to all Wisconsin students. 

Taking Online AP Classes With eAchieve Academy

eAchieve Academy makes it easier to manage your time taking multiple AP classes. We offer unmatched benefits and advantages to Wisconsin students looking to take online AP classes. Some of the advantages you can look forward to:

  • It's more than FREE - Not only is enrollment and tuition-free to Wisconsin students, taking online classes at eAchieve Academy full-time will also eliminate physical schooling expenses such as transportation, parking, & school lunches. Full-time eAchieve students will also receive a free laptop!
  • Personalized Learning - Onsite public schools can be limited in the personalized learning they can provide by funding, overcrowded classrooms, inflexible schedules, and distractions from other students. Our online infrastructure & wide range of classes give you the potential and flexibility to work at your own pace & in your own way.
  • Teachers that care - eAchieve teachers are accessible to our students during office hours via phone or email. Every student is also given an academic advisor for one-on-one support to reach their full potential. Our teachers have an average of 19.2 years of teaching experience, giving them the expertise needed to custom tailor classes for a unique & rich learning experience.
  • Online classes to fit your lifestyle - Online classes can offer the flexibility to accommodate your personal & work schedule. Students who travel, are gifted, or have jobs are often good candidates for online schooling, allowing them to work at their own pace.
  • Transition to college easier - eAchieve Academy students receive the same real high school diploma as traditional school students in Wisconsin and our transcripts are accepted by colleges. Students also receive college preparation and college credit when taking online AP courses through eAchieve Academy. 
  • Graduate faster with part-time school - Taking online classes at part-time at eAchieve Academy while you attend a traditional school can put you on track to graduate faster. Alternatively, you can make up lost credits if you're behind. 
  • Join clubs, make friends, earn scholarships - you can still interact with classmates weekly in online eSessions where students can help each other and ask instructors questions in real-time. You can also keep in touch with classmates via discussion boards or IM. eAchieve offers our own clubs for music, science, athletics & more. Many of our graduates have received scholarships from universities and other institutions.
Learn more about how online high school works, or contact us for more information about enrolling in online AP classes.


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