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How Do AP Classes Work?

AP classes in high school >> How do AP classes work?

What is an AP Class?

What is an AP Class?

AP courses are accelerated versions of standard high school courses paired with standardized (college board-created) testing. The differences between normal high school classes and AP classes are few. For instance, rather than a final exam designed by the teacher, AP courses end with a standardized test written, administered and graded by the College Board. Many Wisconsin universities consider AP courses as introductory level material and will give students course credit if they score high on the exam.

Are AP classes college classes?

Not exactly. AP classes are college-level classes high school students can take. AP classes are harder than standard high school classes, about the same level as introductory college courses. AP classes prepare you for college with a deeper dive into the subject matter, a faster pace, and more rigorous homework. Many universities will give high school students college credit if they score high enough on the AP exam.

High School AP Classes

Graduate College Early


Graduate College Early


Graduate College Early


At their most basic, AP courses simply allow students to dig deeper into their favorite course material. A non-AP student might cover World War One while an AP History student would take it a step further by discussing how the assassination of a world leader led to the demise of alliances between countries. A typical high school art student may spend a semester taking tutorial-style classes on drawing while an AP Art student may spend an entire year building a portfolio of their work.

Advanced placement: the term alone can intimidate even the smartest high school students. Before taking an AP class, make sure you know how they work. If you’re in the middle of selecting classes, don’t pass on the AP section without looking into it first. Yes, AP classes are college level, but the upside is high. In fact, many students do well enough in AP classes to receive college credit, but their rewards aren't earned without a semester of dedicated work.

Basic Information on AP Classes

AP classes at eAchieve are 100% free for Wisconsin residents.

The College Board administers standardized tests for each AP class, every year.

Advanced placement courses prepare Wisconsin high school students for the College Board AP exam.

Students who score a 4 or 5 on their final exam at the end of the year become eligible for college credit.

Those who do well in these courses can be viewed more favorably by college admission departments.

AP course students gain skills for challenges they’ll face in college.

We give students the materials & lessons needed to score a 4 or 5 on their AP test.

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How Many AP Classes Should I Take?

If you’re planning on applying to any highly selective schools, you should take anywhere between 7 and 12 AP courses during your time in high school. Many students hear this number and panic at the prospect of an immense workload, but once you spread these classes out and realize you’ll get better at them as you go, the workload isn’t as overwhelming. When it comes down to it, students should take as many AP classes as they feel comfortable taking. eAchieve Academy recognizes no two students are alike and although you may want to take 5 AP classes your junior year, it may be best to play it safe with less versus facing the risk of failure.

How Many AP Classes are too Much?

It all depends. If, during junior or senior year, the number of advanced placement courses you’re signing up for will interfere with your SAT and ACT prep, this is an indication you should not take so many classes. Every student will have a different answer to this question. We’ve had some students sign up for two while others take five. If you try AP classes and you find it's too much for you, there’s nothing wrong with withdrawing from the advanced placement program. The answer to this question really depends on the student.

How Many AP Classes Should I Sign Up For?

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How do you get into AP classes in high school?

Every high school has different requirements for taking an AP class. At some schools, all you need to do is register to take the class, while at others you need a teacher’s recommendation or you must have completed a prerequisite and achieved at least a B grade.

At eAchieve Academy, all full-time students have an academic advisor to help them determine if an AP class is right for them. We also have part-time students attending traditional schools who take AP classes through eAchieve due to scheduling conflicts, or because the AP class they want isn’t offered at their school. These part-time students have already discussed their plans with their school’s academic advisor and look to eAchieve Academy to meet their academic goals.

Because AP classes are more academically challenging, students are understandably a little nervous and often ask what they can do to prepare. Our best advice is to start early – as in middle school. By making the effort to do well in your middle school classes, you lay the foundation for academic success in high school.

If your school offers Pre-AP classes (whether they’re part of the College Board’s official Pre-AP program or not), consider taking one or two before you graduate. While not as rigorous as an AP class, a Pre-AP class is a great way to get a feel for what lies ahead.

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How to Take AP Classes Online

If you’re looking to develop better study habits, earn college credit, skip introductory college classes, and even graduate high school early, you’ll want to get in contact with eAchieve Academy. All you have to do is enroll in our online AP classes and we provide you with all the materials needed to ensure you are prepared for the AP exam in spring. Our AP courses are free and are often taken by students whose schools don’t offer them. Some of the AP courses we offer at eAchieve Academy include: 

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Advanced placement courses aren't built to trick you or lead you down a path of failure. If you want to get ahead academically, or you're bored in standard classes, it may be time to make the switch. Although many Wisconsin schools do offer these courses, eAchieve Academy is the perfect option for students who want to take advanced placement classes outside of regular school hours. In fact, while you're considering our free online AP program, you should consider switching to online school completely. We are a real school with a real education program and track record of success. If you need any more information regarding AP courses or you have a few unanswered questions, just call us.

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