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Benefits of AP Classes

AP classes in high school >> Are AP classes worth it?

Graduate College Early


Graduate College Early


Graduate College Early


Are AP classes worth it? online AP courses are FREE for Wisconsin students

Online AP Courses Help Wisconsin Students Afford a Higher Education

How to Save Money for College

All college-bound high schoolers have at least one thing in common: the looming financial costs of college.

Advanced placement courses not only help prepare you for more challenging academics in college, but they can also give you a jump start on your college degree. When you're in high school, you can participate in extracurricular activities to make you a more attractive candidate for college admission, but taking advanced placement classes can actually help you earn college credits before you even get there. If standard coursework is boring and you can earn college credits for FREE, why wouldn't you?



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Graduate College Early: Get a Head Start with Online AP Classes

One of the biggest benefits you can experience after doing well in an advanced placement course may be four or six years away. The rewards may not be instantaneous, but AP classes are well worth enrolling in. eAchieve Academy is essential for students who want to:

Graduate College Early

Graduate College with a 
Degree in Less than 4 Years.

Graduate College Early

Start Working Right
Out of High School.

Graduate College Early

Pay for Less College
Courses While in College.

Graduate College Early

Prepare for College
While in High School.

College will be here before you know it. Advanced placement classes may feel intimidating, but you can accomplish a lot once you've signed up for a course. If you start preparing for college now, you'll have a much easier transition when the time comes. 

What are the benefits of online classes?

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Reduce College Debt: Sign Up for Free Online AP Courses in Wisconsin

At eAchieve Academy, our goal is to prepare you for your future--and taking advanced placement classes is a great way to be prepared for both college and life after college.


More Challenging

More Challenging

More Studying

Require More Studying

Larger Workload

Larger Workload

Bigger Payoff

Bigger Payoff

When you enroll in one of our more challenging high school courses, you will be pushed to work hard. The goal of each AP program is to get you to score a 4 or 5 on your final exam. These high scores can earn you free college credit, which can save you THOUSANDS on classes you won't have to take in college.

 Prepare for Life After High School

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 Get Ready For College in High School: Try College-Level AP Classes

Many students who do well in high school go to college expecting to do the same, but college has a way of changing the way we think about ourselves. High school students who get As without trying are usually surprised by the amount of work it requires to maintain a 4.0 GPA in college. Students who struggled in high school will probably also struggle in college unless they work ahead of time to master: 

More Challenging

Independent Studying

More Studying


Larger Workload


Bigger Payoff


Look, we're not saying you'll crash and burn in college, but seeing what a college level course is like before you're spending one thousand dollars on one can have a much smaller impact if you fail when it's not costing you anything. Advanced placement classes can be used to get free college credit or as a very effective form of college training. Related: AP classes vs college classes

Will I Do Well in an Online Class?

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All You Need is an Internet Connection!

College is on its way - are you prepared? AP college courses are well worth the time and effort, but enrolling is your decision to make. When you sign up through eAchieve Academy, you can go full- or part-time. Want to take one AP class? Two? Five? Our flexible options make it easy for you to build the schedule you want so it benefits YOU. Not sure if online classes are right for you? Ask yourself: 


Do you have the right
personality traits?


Can you commit to an
AP class?


Will you be attending


Do you have time to dedicate
to an online course?


Online AP classes are all about being challenged. These courses optional and are not mandatory. If you're interested in trying out a class or two, eAchieve Academy's part-time enrollment may be a good fit for you.

Want to take on a full-time schedule with 5+ AP courses? eAchieve Academy will give you all the tools and support you need to succeed. Waukesha, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Menomonee Falls and high school students all over Wisconsin know our AP classes are worth it.

Call eAchieve Academy today if you have any questions about our free online AP classes.

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