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What are advanced placement (AP) classes for high school students?

Every Question You Have About Online AP Classes in Wisconsin, Answered

AP classes can put students at a big advantage for college acceptance & credit. They aren't necessarily for everyone, but can be an excellent idea especially for students interested in online learning. We've got a ton of information on the basics of AP classes and answers to the most common questions about advanced placement in high school.

Are AP Classes Worth It Are AP classes worth it?

Are AP classes worth it?

Learn why AP classes can be worth it if you're college bound.

How Hard Are AP Classes How hard are AP classes?

How hard are AP classes?

AP classes can be difficult. But how difficult? And how much harder are online AP classes?

How to AP classes work How do AP classes work?

How do AP classes work?

AP classes have a specific way of working. Learn how they start and how they end here.

Which AP Classes Should I Take? The Best AP Courses for
Your Intended Major

What are the best AP classes for your major?

Discover the right classes for your academic and career goals.

You Can Take AP Classes online for free at eAchieve Academy Can I Take AP Classes Online?

Can I take online AP Classes?

Explore eAchieve Academy's options for online AP Courses.

How many AP classes to take each year How many AP classes should
I take each year?

How many AP classes should I take each year?

Freshmen, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors should adjust their workload accordingly. But how?

Differences Between AP and Regular Classes What's the difference between
AP and regular classes?

What's the difference between AP and regular classes?

AP classes, honors classes and regular classes all have a lot in common and a lot of differences. Find out why here.

Online AP Courses for Homeschoolers. AP Courses Online
For Homeschool Students

Can Homeschool Students Get AP Credit?

There are many advantages to learning from home, homeschooled students can even get advanced placement credit at the high school level.

What Are the Pros and Cons of AP? Pros and Cons of AP?

What Are the Pros and Cons of AP Courses?

Explore whether or not AP Courses are right for you.

How do AP Classes Affect your GPA? How do AP Courses
Affect My GPA?

How does the Weighted AP GPA Work?

Learn more about weighted GPA and how it can affect your chances of getting into college.

How to Take Online AP Classes Outside High School How to take AP classes
outside high school

How do you take online AP classes outside high school?

If your high school doesn't offer AP classes you have alternatives to complete outside of traditional means.

Free Online AP Classes Wisconsin Free online AP courses

What free online AP classes can I take?

We offer dozens of online AP classes free for Wisconsin residents.

Do colleges look at AP scores for admission? Are AP classes
important for college

Do colleges like AP classes?

Learn more about how college admissions look at AP Classes on your transcript.

Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment? AP classes vs dual

Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment?

Learn more about the differences between AP & dual enrollment and which is the best to choose.

How to manage multiple AP classes online How to manage
AP classes

How do I manage multiple AP classes?

Learn how to manage your time while taking multiple AP classes online.

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Online AP Classes for High School Students WisconsinEverything You Need to Know About Free Online AP Classes for Students.

The school semester is about to start, but no one has any helpful information on online advanced placement (AP) courses for high school students. You don’t have time to sit down with a school counselor and your children know as much about what classes to sign up for as you do. We see it every year at eAchieve Academy. Parents and students are well aware of AP classes, but when it comes down to details, no one seems 100% sure of anything.

When it’s time for students to build their schedule, our program gets an endless stream of questions regarding credit, test scores, and everything else related to advanced placement. Whether you’re a parent or a student with questions about AP classes, eAchieve Academy is your best source for information. We make it easy for Wisconsin families to get answers to the questions they have about our free online AP courses.

Need more information on high school AP classes? Contact eAchieve Academy today! 
AP classes in high school >> Do colleges prefer AP or dual enrollment? The landscape of advance classes high school students have available to them is a great opportunity, but it can also be confusing trying to decide which option is best for your future. Having to choose between regular high school courses, honors, AP classes...


AP classes in high school >> How do I manage AP Classes? Advanced placement classes are typically much more challenging than a regular high school class, so it's important to be prepared and to learn how to manage taking multiple AP classes online. Students taking multiple AP courses should be prepared for the extra workload that c...


AP classes in high school >> Do colleges care about AP classes? As a high school student or parent of a high school student, you’re no doubt wondering if taking AP classes will help with college admission.  Below you’ll find the most common questions asked by students and parents, along with our responses. How import...


AP classes in high school >> Can homeschool students get AP credit? AP classes for homeschoolers are within reach at eAchieve Academy, free for all Wisconsin students. Can Homeschoolers Take AP Classes? eAchieve Academy offers academically inclined homeschooled students the opportunity to take up to 2 Advanced Placement classes ev...


AP classes in high school >> What are the best AP classes to take? Find out the best AP classes to take for college & your chosen career path. Start Your College Career With AP In High School eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of AP courses to help you reach all your high school academic goals. Most universities, especially ...


AP classes in high school >> How to take AP classes outside high school No excuses, no surprises – everything you need to know right here. Just because you can't take the AP courses you want in school, doesn't mean they're out of reach. If your school doesn’t offer the AP class you need (or any AP classes at all), ther...


AP classes in high school >> How AP courses affect your GPA Get a competitive edge on your transcript for colleges by taking online AP classes and boosting your GPA. Boost your GPA and Stand Out to Colleges with a Weighted GPA AP Courses are a great way to challenge yourself academically, earn college credit and make yourself...


AP classes in high school >> How to take online AP courses Take AP classes for free online if you're a Wisconsin student with eAchieve Academy. Can I Take AP Classes Online? Absolutely. eAchieve Academy has a free online AP curriculum with courses approved by the College Board. Taking AP classes puts students at a big advanta...


AP classes in high school >> Pros and cons of high school AP classes Save money, get college credit & explore a subject you love in depth with online AP classes for WI students. Will AP Courses Help You Meet Your Academic Goals? AP courses in high school are great for students looking for more challenges, a jump-start on colle...


AP classes in high school >> Difference between normal, AP and honors classes At a very basic level, the differences between Regular, AP and Honors classes are:   Regular Classes AP Classes Honors Classes Can it Count for College Credit? No Yes No More or Less Rigorous? Less More More Counts Toward Fi...


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