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Online High School Graduate Reviews

2007 Graduate TonyaAfter not performing up to her abilities in high school, Tonya switched to eAchieve Academy her senior year to help her focus and prepare for college without social drama distractions. The preparation paid off as she excelled in her psychology studies at UW-Green Bay.

Tonya was named UW-Green Bay’s Outstanding Student in December 2011 and was her graduating class speaker at commencement.

“In college, there are a lot of courses with online components. To survive in an online environment, you need to express your needs well in writing and know the tone to take. I already knew how to learn in an online environment, so eAchieve Academy was great preparation.”

Tonya had also taken a service learning class while at eAchieve Academy, and she found she enjoyed it so much she continued her volunteer work after the course ended. That eldership continued into her college years as she became president of the Resident Hall and Apartment Association.



2011 Graduate Teddy“iQ Academy (now called eAchieve Academy) gave me the opportunity to live my life the way I wanted to. It allowed me the flexibility, so I could work professional with local theatre companies and rack up experience. That gave me the know how to stand on my own two feet in the community, the personal drive to push myself harder and the intimate knowledge of how I learn and think.”

After graduation, Teddy went on to attend Southern Methodist University.





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Upon completion of eAchieve Academy’s online high school program and receiving their Waukesha School District diploma, many of our graduates go on to universities and colleges throughout the nation. Our online school prepares each student for what lies ahead post-high school graduation with access to career planning, job search and college planning help.

Self-motivation, time management, independent thinking and superior problem solving skills give you an advantage as you head out into the real world.

eAchieve Academy provides each student with a comprehensive academic base. When you graduate, you’ll have important critical thinking skills which will help you achieve success throughout your life. Different as our students may be, they all reflect on their education with confidence. Post-graduation, they go on to do great things with their lives.

No two graduates are alike, but the quality of their education remains the same.

Don’t just graduate, graduate with confidence from eAchieve Academy. Read what former students have to say about the eAchieve Academy online school experience.

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