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Free Online K12 Classes for Wisconsin Students

Elementary, middle & high school courses for full K12 flexibility





One of the best things about public online high school in Wisconsin is the cost. No matter your circumstance, if you are a Wisconsin resident AND of under the age of 21, eAchieve Academy is absolutely FREE. Zero dollars. No Cost. Zilch.

A path to a better education starts with a tuition-free online public school, like eAchieve. Explore our plethora of courses and unbelievable flexibility allowing Wisconsin residents, like actresses, athletes, missionaries and military kids to get a world-class public education based on their schedules.

A child with dreams and an unconventional lifestyle doesn’t have to be stuck in the classroom. Study anywhere in the world.


eAchieve Academy gets you a free laptop worth up to $400 from Milwaukee PC. All you have to do is stay enrolled and passing your classes. Purchasing a laptop worth more than $400 is okay, too. However, you're responsible for paying the difference.

At the end of the year, the laptop is yours to keep!


Want to get a head start on college with an AP Class? No problem! eAchieve Academy offers many AP classes that most Wisconsin schools don’t have the resources to offer. Our AP course list is loaded full of amazing classes from AP Calculus to AP Music Theory to AP World History and everything in between.

Many of our students see eAchieve as a Shangri-La; an equal shot of a successful future hidden in the vast array of profiteering, Internet-based learning programs, and for-profit charter schools. eAchieve is none of those and is a not-for-profit public school focused on putting educated graduates into the world with a clear path to a attain the greatest of goals.

At eAchieve Academy, you can learn Web Development at the same time as Sports and Event Marketing.

Check out all of our high school courses here, middle school courses here and elementary school courses here.
Need to print off a list of all of our courses? Check out eAchieve’s elementary, middle and high school course list in pdf form.
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