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Why students choose online classes

Free Online K-12 Classes for Wisconsin Students

The path to a better learning experience starts with a tuition-free online public school, like eAchieve Academy. Explore our online classes for K-12 students giving families more freedom and flexibility in their lives. You don't have to choose between the lifestyle you want and a quality education. Our K-12 courses are fully accredited and taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified instructors. Study whenever and wherever you want to.

Find free online classes for elementary, middle and high school students:

View the complete 2020-2021 course list for eAchieve Academy and learn more about your enrollment options.

What you really need to know about online K-12 education

Here's the thing about the cost of online K-12 learning: no matter your circumstance, if you are a Wisconsin resident AND of under the age of 21, eAchieve Academy is absolutely FREE. Zero dollars. No Cost. Zilch.

Our online K-12 school is free and been a huge success for students all over the state of Wisconsin. Students and parents new to virtual learning have a lot of questions about how online education works for kids starting as early as kindergarten. Here's a good starting point:

Cost of Online K-12 School Cost of online K-12 school Learn More

How much does online K-12 education cost?

For Wisconsin residents, the cost of switching to online K-12 school is nothing.

Online K-12 School vs. Traditional K12 Education Online K-12 school vs. traditional education Learn More

Online K-12 school vs. traditional education

The biggest differences between online K-12 schooling and traditional education.

How Does K-12 Online Learning Work How does online K-12 learning work? Learn More

How does online K-12 school work?

It's not as complicated as you think. Here's what you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Online K-12 Education & Learning Pros and cons of online K-12 learning Learn More

Pros and cons of online K-12 learning

Know the advantages and disadvantages of an online K-12 education.

Is Online K-12 School Better for Anxiety Is online K-12 school better for anxiety? Learn More

Is online K-12 school better for anxiety?

Online K-12 education can be an excellent alternative for students with anxiety.

What is Online K12 School Like What is online K-12 school like? Learn More

What is online K-12 education like?

Online K-12 education can open doors for all sorts of different students. This is what it's like.

How to Take Online AP Classes Outside High School Does online K-12 school count as full-time enrollment? Learn More

Does online K-12 school count as full-time enrollment?

If you take enough credits online K-12 school can absolutely count as full time enrollment in Wisconsin.

How to Take Online AP Classes Outside High School Can I start online K-12 classes anytime? Learn More

Can I start taking online K-12 classes anytime?

You can begin taking online classes anytime, even mid-year given you meet a few requirements.

How Much Time tdo Online Classes Take? How Many Hours Do Online Classes Take? Learn More

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend On Online Classes?

Online classes are a great option for many students, but time management is an important skill to succeed.


Laptop for Online K-12 Classes in Wisconsin
eAchieve Academy enrollees get a FREE laptop for studying online at home.

eAchieve Academy gets you a free laptop worth up to $400 from Milwaukee PC. All you have to do is stay enrolled and passing your classes. Purchasing a laptop worth more than $400 is okay, too. However, you're responsible for paying the difference.

At the end of the year, the laptop is yours to keep!


Want to get a head start on college with an AP class? No problem! eAchieve Academy offers many online AP classes that most Wisconsin schools don’t have the resources to offer. Our AP course list includes a wide variety, from AP Calculus to AP Music Theory to AP World History and everything in between.

Here's everything you need to know about how online AP classes work for high school.

K-12 virtual academy focused on results

eAchieve is different from the vast array of profiteering, internet-based learning programs and for-profit charter schools. We're a not-for-profit Wisconsin virtual academy focused on putting educated graduates into the world with a clear path to attain their academic and career goals.

Our teachers and staff are committed to each student’s success, and to giving ALL students an equal opportunity to learn their own way.

Your choices for K12 education continue to become more and more diverse. Students have many more options beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only way to make the best choice for your child is to know all of your options. You may elect public traditional brick and mortar schools, online schools, charter schools, independent schools, private schools and many different variations.

K-12 virtual academy for all Wisconsin school districts

You have options for schools no matter which Wisconsin school district you live in. Choosing a school depends on many factors and you have a choice. Public schools nearby are NOT your only option. Students under 21 living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Charter school available to all Wisconsin students

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school. eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school available for full-time enrollment or as a supplement to homeschooling.

eAchieve Academy is affiliated with the Waukesha School District - but offers free online education for students across Wisconsin.

Discover all of your K-12 education options from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
An in-depth review from Brandi, a 10th grade high school student enrolled in eAchieve Academy.

For a long time, traditional brick-and-mortar schooling has been the norm in Wisconsin and around the United States, but things are quickly changing. The world is rapidly changing and technology has made exploring new types of education infinitely more accessible and desirable. What once was brand new uncharted territory has become an established domain for students better suited outside the traditional classroom.

The many benefits of online K-12 education include:

  • Flexibility. Enroll part-time or full-time based on need
  • Teacher access. eAchieve instructors are fully Wisconsin certified and some of the best in the state.
  • Learning is personalized. Students are encouraged to learn based on how they learn best.
  • Get accepted to college. Not every school offers the credits needed to get into major universities. eAchieve Academy does.
  • Social environments you can control. Join clubs, attend events, and interact with other students at your own discretion.
  • No ceiling for excellence. Students have unprecedented ability to excel personally in their own individual education.
  •'s FREE to enroll.

Wisconsin students and parents are raving about the flexibility afforded by online K-12 schools like eAchieve Academy—and the inarguable RESULTS.

Online K-12 School Reviews - eAchieve Academy

Students enrolled in homeschool programs are welcome to take one or two online classes each semester at eAchieve. In fact, about a quarter of our student population was previously in a home schooling environment.

Our free online K-12 classes are a great way for homeschooled students to broaden their horizons by taking courses not usually offered in a homeschool setting (Mandarin Chinese, Web Design, AP Psychology, just to name a few).

The traditional classroom learning environment isn't perfectly suited for every kind of student. Time is limited, classrooms are crowded and lessons move forward at a set pace, whether or not individual students are eager to move on or struggling to keep up. Online school offers more flexibility compared to brick-and-mortar learning, which means students can get a quality education and still have time for a life. When it's time to study, there are no social distractions getting in the way of learning.  You have control of your child's education, from the classes they take to the social activities in which they are involved. 

Contact eAchieve Academy for information on enrollment and how to start taking control of your child's K-12 education.
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