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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Best high school classes for a career in video games

How to choose online courses for game design

The video game industry has grown exponentially since the days of penny arcades. Video games range from single-player mobile games to MMORPGs with hundreds of thousands of players. Gamers can even find employment by joining eSports teams or streaming professionally. One of the most rewarding video game careers? Game designer.

Video game designers are responsible for making brand new games from scratch. It’s up to them to figure out the style a game’s graphics has, how game mechanics work, and what the story is. Designers can enjoy lots of creative freedom and potential earnings. Yet there’s more to creating your own games than just being a good player. You need to know how a game gets made from start to finish.

Start preparing for a career in video games by taking online science, design, IT, and engineering classes. eAchieve Academy is a FREE online charter school for Wisconsin students 21 and under. Start in kindergarten or sign up for your final year of high school. Enroll in online high school classes to earn your high school diploma from eAchieve Academy.

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Professional Video Game Designer

Recommended high school classes for game designers

Start preparing for your future by taking the right high school classes:

Information Technology courses 

Every video game begins as code. eAchieve has online introductory programming and development classes for high school students. Learn to program with HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Or take digital imaging classes to get better in-game graphics. By taking classes now, you can start to understand what work is needed to make a game come to life.

All High School IT Courses

Math courses

Mathematics are useful when designing a video game. A lot of the coding work done will involve precise calculations. eAchieve has online math courses ranging from basic algebra to AP Calculus. You’ll also need math to create accurate project timelines and budgets.

All High School Math Courses

Science courses

Ragdoll physics may be fun in video games, but physics classes are another matter. Start learning different scientific principles in our online high school classes. Then apply those skills to make your games more realistic…or break the rules entirely.

All High School Science Courses

Art courses

Video games are as good as their graphics. Whether they’re hyper realistic of heavily stylized, you’ll need some art skills. Use online art classes to build up your portfolio of unique designs for your video game settings and characters.

All High School Art Courses

Ways to prepare for a career in video games as a student

eSports Team Designing GameHigh school is the perfect time to build a portfolio of your video designs. You can even start making your first game with basic programming and graphics. Some of the most popular games of the past decade were developed independently without the backing of a huge studio. Your game might be the next hit if it’s well made and fun to play. If you plan on working for a studio, you’ll need a minimum of a high school degree.

Since the technology behind games changes quickly, you’ll want to have the basics of design down as early as possible. It can take 5 years for game companies to develop new consoles. If you start your college career only learning to make games for the current generation, you’ll be left behind when the new consoles are rolled out. High school is your chance to see which each console has to offer.

University admissions to computer design programs

Bachelor degrees for video game design are now available at several universities around the world. If you only want a degree, you need to attend a good college with a video game program. Since not all schools offer these programs, use eAchieve Academy career-planning resources to find the right school. Our counsellors help build custom plans so you graduate on time and apply for a good university.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are another way to prepare for college. A high score on an AP exam equals college credits you can use to move ahead of your classmates. And AP classes from eAchieve will prepare you for college entrance exams.

Planning to attend a Wisconsin school? Find out the classes needed for UW college admission.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for a career as a:

eAchieve Academy: Online Charter School of Wisconsin

If you’re ready to start learning about video game design, enroll in eAchieve Academy of Wisconsin. Our fully accredited, K-12 public charter school has FREE enrollment and tuition for students under the age of 21. By offering online classes, our elementary, middle, and high school students have more flexibility to take the classes they need to prepare for their future careers.

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