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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Which high school classes to take for a career in the trades

How to choose online courses to prepare for vocational jobs

Trade jobs are seeing a resurgence as more and more young people want to take control of their own careers. Skilled tradespeople can set their own prices for services, schedule hours whenever they want, and be their own bosses. It’s no wonder it’s so popular to go to vocational schools and train in a trade!

The trades have their own accredited training programs. Some of these programs are offered through colleges and universities. Others are offered by completely separate institutes across the United States. Unlike college degrees, these programs only focus on the trade. You don’t need to take extra classes in order to graduate. This lowers the costs and time needed to start working on your career. However, you still need a high school diploma to get in. Wisconsin students who want to learn a trade can start with FREE online classes from eAchieve Academy charter school in order to graduate.

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High school courses for a skilled trades career

Recommended high school classes for the trades

To prepare for vocational and trade schools, you need prepare by taking the right classes now:

Science courses

The most popular trades require some understanding of science. One wrong move around an electrical panel or water pipe can lead to disaster. Stay safe by learning the scientific basics of your trade at eAchieve Academy. We offer introductory and advanced high school science classes to take before you begin vocational training.

All High School Science Courses

Math courses

A lot of trade jobs require basic mathematics. Bakers need to know how to measure and weigh ingredients. Welders need accurate calculations to avoid wasting precious metals. And plumbers have to know different equations to keep water pressure under control while they work. Overall, that’s a lot of math! And a student pursuing a career in construction, machining, or programming will need an even deeper understanding of mathematics to succeed.

All High School Math Courses

English courses

If your trade involves interacting with customers, you’ll need good communication. You’ll need to advertise for yourself, write out quotes, and pass vocational school entrance exams. Take English classes from eAchieve to improve your reading and writing.

All High School English Courses

Health & PE courses

Trade jobs can be physically demanding. It’s part of what makes the job so rewarding. But you need to be healthy to avoid on-the-job injuries. Get into shape with eAchieve physical education courses. Our Fitness classes teach students proper exercise techniques to reduce impact on the body during physical activities.

All High School Health & PE Courses

Family & consumer science courses

Studying food preparation, sanitation and nutrition in high school will be invaluable in many careers involving food and drink. Management and decision-making skills learned through online life skills classes build a strong foundation in practically any skilled trade job.

All High School Consumer Science Courses

Other ways to prepare for a vocational career

Stylist Learning to Cut HairWhile eAchieve does not have vocational training classes in our curriculum, we do have career-planning resources to help students take the right classes for their trade. Our counselors then work with you to find the right trade or vocational school for your career plan.

Business education classes like Accounting and Entrepreneurship can teach you about running your own business. Additionally, our electives like art, cooking, and music give you a chance to learn something new and prepare for life after high school.

Trade school requirements across the nation

Vocational schools have admissions requirements just like colleges and universities. To get your trade certificate or associates degree, you need to meet those requirements. Use our career-planning resources to make sure you’re ready to apply to a trade school after graduation. Most vocational programs require:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A minimum age of 16 or 17
  • Passing grades on an entrance exam

Some trade positons require more training than others. You might need to pass a licensing exam or register with the state as a member of your trade. If you want to move from being a carpenter to an architect, you’ll need a traditional degree. eAcheive Academy prepares our students on getting into a good college.

Trade school programs may take several months to a few years to complete. This is still faster than most traditional four-year degrees.

Find out the top high school classes needed for secondary school admission in Wisconsin and nationwide.

eAchieve Academy has the resources for anyone working a trade:

More About eAchieve Academy

eAchieve has many advantages over a traditional high schools. For starters, our fully accredited, K-12 public charter school has completely FREE enrollment and tuition for Wisconsin students 21 or under. Since courses are completed online, students who need special accommodations can get their degree their own way.

Our charter school has all the benefits of a brick-and-mortar school without the drawbacks. If you want to take a certain class, you're not limited to what the schools in your area offer. Our free online public school accepts applications from students in all Wisconsin school districts.

All our experienced teachers are certified to teach in the state of Wisconsin and want what’s best for all our students. Online classes let students travel or work when they need to. New students may be eligible for a FREE laptop to use in their studies. And you get to keep the laptop!

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