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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Which high school classes to take for a career as a teacher

How to choose online courses to become an educator

It takes someone special to become a teacher. A lot of teachers are drawn to the professional because they get to help the next generation grow. And it doesn’t hurt that they can enjoy summer, winter, and spring breaks too. If you’re going to spend your life building lesson plans, you’ll need to plan out your own education first.

How you prepare to become an educator depends on the level of student you want to work with:

  • Preschool and pre-kindergarten
  • Kindergarten and elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • University or college

Teachers at the middle school and above levels often specialize in one specific area like English or math. Elementary school teachers have to be well rounded in multiple subjects. All teachers in the US need to be certified to teach.

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Recommended high school classes for teachers

To prepare for a job as a teaching K-12, take the right classes in high school. You’ll need to cover the basics with:

English courses

Every teacher has to know the basics of reading and writing. And you have to be able to pass on those basics to your own students. English classes from eAchieve Academy teach valuable communication skills necessary for teachers.

Classes teach grammar, reading comprehension, and composition. There are also specific courses to cover different types of literature.

All High School English Courses

Science courses

Science teacher positions are on the rise thanks to new STEM fields. With more jobs needing science backgrounds, schools are adding more science to the curriculum. eAchieve has a wide variety of introductory, honors, and AP science classes for future science teachers.

Classes cover Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Anatomy, Physics, and Physical Sciences. AP courses are available to students who meet the prerequisites.

All High School Science Courses

Math courses

Teachers at every grade level need to know math. Even if you’re not teaching it as a subject, you’ll need math to calculate student grades. eAchieve has math courses for all high school grades. Juniors and seniors can take Pre-College Math to prepare for their post-secondary education.

All High School Math Courses

Social studies classes

Social studies classes cover world history, politics, and social issues. Well-rounded teachers will need to know how to stay up-to-date on current events and how the past affects the future.

All High School Social Studies Courses

World Language courses

Knowing another language can open up your teaching opportunities. You can teach abroad or work with ESL students. eAchieve has classes in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Latin.

All High School World Language Courses

Elective courses

Electives offered by eAchieve give you the chance to explore your different interests. You might discover you can combine your passion for teaching with a specific subject. Give yourself an educational advantage by taking more electives online! Enroll at eAchieve now to start exploring the possibilities.

All High School Elective Courses

Ways to prepare for a career as a teacher in high school

Classes for Future TeachersThere are many ways to prepare for your future as an educator. If you want to work with early or elementary education, babysitting can give you experience with handling kids. Or you can work as a tutor in your best subjects.

We have online career-planning resources to guide our students to the classes they need for their intended post-secondary education and career.

Teaching programs at top universities and colleges

To become a teacher you must get accepted to college or university with a teaching program. You’ll then have to apply for teacher preparation program. These programs have limited availability and are very competitive.

Improve your transcripts and GPA with AP (Advanced Placement) or Honors classes. Find out the top high school classes needed for UW college admission to boost your chances of getting accepted. Or ask your eAchieve counselors for assistance in picking a school with the best teacher prep program.

A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum level of education required for teachers. Many schools prefer educators with Master’s degrees, especially if they are teaching at a higher institution. Additionally, all teachers in the United States must hold a license to work. Each state has specific requirements for educators, though most use the Praxis certification exam.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for educational work:

An Educational Career Begins with eAchieve Academy Classes

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