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Best high school classes for a real estate agent career

How to choose online courses to become a realtor

Real estate is an ever-expanding field with lots of job opportunities. With the right training and certification real estate agents can act as realtors, brokers, or property managers. eAchieve Academy has online classes for high school students who want to go into real estate.

As a charter school, eAchieve online classes are FREE for Wisconsin students. We work with students from kindergarten to their high school graduation. If you are under 21, you are welcome to start online classes from eAchieve Academy for FREE.

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Classes for Real Estate Agents

Recommended high school classes for realty

Prepare for your real estate career by taking the right high school classes:

Business Education courses

Real estate is a massive business with a lot of intricacies. There are complicated contracts, mortgages, liens, and zoning arrangements to take into consideration whenever a piece of property is up for sale. Make sure you’re prepared with free Business Education courses from eAchieve Academy.

Online Business Education classes from eAchieve teach entrepreneurship, personal financial planning, and accounting. Enroll online to learn the foundations of business practices frequently found in real estate transactions.

All High School Business Education Courses

Information Technology (IT) courses

Information Technology (IT) is found in every type of business, especially real estate. Websites have become a fundamental part of real estate transactions. More people than ever turn to the Internet to search for property. Real estate agents need to know IT concepts to stay up-to-date.

eAchieve’s classes cover coding with HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Students in any grade may enroll in AP Computer Science Principles go more in-depth into programming and the Internet.

All High School IT Courses

Math courses

Math classes are recommended for future real estate agents. Learning statistics will make accounting and economics easier to understand.

eAchieve Academy has high school math classes for every grade level. The more math classes you take, the easier it’ll be to understand data processing algorithms often found in accounting.

All High School Math Courses

English courses

English classes from eAchieve Academy cover how to effectively communicate. Write up property listings or deliver a polished speech to investors with the skills you learn in our high school English classes.

All High School English Courses

World Language courses

Property changes hands all over the world. Make sure you’re ready to work with anyone by learning another language! eAchieve teaches beginner through AP-level Spanish, French, German, and Chinese classes online.

All High School World Language Courses

Ways to prepare for a real estate career as a student

Wisconsin Realtor Showing HouseIf you want to work with real estate, you can start gaining experience while still in high school. Real estate agencies often hire interns to help prepare properties for showings. Or you can volunteer with a housing organization like Habitat for Humanity to learn more about how property changes hands.

Along with core classes, eAchieve has electives and service learning opportunities to fulfill Wisconsin’s high school graduation requirements. Our Wisconsin-certified teachers average more than 20 years of classroom experience. With their guidance and career counseling, we help all our students graduate high school with all the resources they need to succeed.

College degrees and licenses for real estate agents

Real estate workers usually need to attend a college or university to get at least an associate’s degree. Beyond that, every state has different licensing requirements. All require prospective real estate workers take a pre-licensing course.

Pre-licensing courses can take several days or weeks to complete. They are available at real estate schools or through universities and community colleges. The course covers the sort of questions included on state licensing exams. eAchieve classes will help you develop the study skills you need to prepare for the licensing exam.

eAchieve Academy graduates have gone on to attend colleges and universities across the United States. If you want to stay in Wisconsin, take the top high school classes needed for UW college admissions.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for a real estate career:

More About Wisconsin’s Best Online Charter School

Real estate is a lucrative market for those who know how to take advantage of a good deal. eAcheive Academy’s FREE enrollment and tuition for Wisconsin students is a great deal for future real estate workers. Our fully accredited, public charter school goes from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Online classes let students decide their own schedule, a major benefit compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Sign up for our online classes to get your high school diploma, get career advice, and apply for colleges. Learn more about how eAchieve Academy online charter school works.

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