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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Best high school classes for a political career

How to choose online courses to prepare for elected offices

Political Science majors can pursue a lot of careers in the public and private sector. You can run for an elected office, serve as a consultant, work in your community, or follow a career in law. eAchieve Academy has online high school classes to prepare Wisconsin students for a future in politics.

Our online curriculum has part- or full-time classes for high schoolers. Make sure to take social studies, world languages, and plenty of electives to prepare for politics. Take AP classes to earn early college credit. With eAchieve Academy, you can take the high school classes you want at your own pace.

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High school classes for political science

Recommended high school classes for political science majors

To prepare for a career in politics, you need to prepare by taking the right classes in high school:

Social Studies courses

Students who want to work in politics should study government, social issues, global issues, and economics. eAchieve Academy covers all these topics and more at introductory and advanced levels. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how and why the world works as it does.

AP US Government is one of the most important classes you can take to prepare for a political science career in the United States.

All High School Social Studies Courses

English courses

Inspirational speeches, government policy, and internal memos all depend on good writing. Online eAchieve classes teach you how to be a better writer through composition. Our Honors and AP English courses delve into classical literature useful for expanding your horizons.

All High School English Courses

World Language courses

Planning to work in foreign relations? Knowing multiple languages is a huge plus. eAcheive world language classes include beginner and AP-level Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. Understanding these languages can open up careers in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

All High School World Language Courses

Health & Physical Education courses

Many political science careers deal with public health and safety. Health and PE classes from eAchieve give you the basics in health and nutrition.

All High School PE Courses

Information Technology (IT) courses

The world runs on computers. Every government website, from local city councils to international organizations, needs knowledgeable computer experts to run. The military depends on a lot of technology and always needs skilled programmers, coders, and analysts. Put yourself on the fast-track by learning coding at eAchieve Academy. Computer classes available for high school students teach programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVA.

Advanced students are welcome to take AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A which use the Python programming language.

All High School IT Courses

Math courses

Math may not seem like part of politics, but statistics are very important. They can show valuable data about different communities or how budgets should be spent. And polling data can predict how elections may turn out. Knowing your numbers will make you better at your job.

All High School Math Courses

Family & Consumer Science courses

Politicians need to pay attention to the lives of their constituents. Family & Consumer Science classes cover different life skills, like cooking, fashion, and child development which come up in daily life.

All High School Consumer Science Courses

Other ways to prepare for a political career

Young woman in Wisconsin with a successful career in politicseAchieve Academy career-planning resources provide our students with guidance in preparing for the future. Our trained counselors can go over what classes you need now to succeed later in life.

eAchieve has social opportunities for students to make friends and start networking across the state. Join National Honor Society (NHS), participate in yearbook, or join Student Council. Our online eLounge is another way to get to know your fellow students. And in the spring, meet face-to-face at prom in the Wisconsin Dells!

Political Science admissions at the nation’s top colleges and universities

Political Science majors are available at universities all over the world. If you want to get into college, you need a high school diploma. eAchieve Academy alumni have been accepted into colleges and universities across the United States and internationally.

Poli Sci programs can be very competitive. Make sure your transcript is full of electives and service learning. Our online electives include music, art, and more. Sign up for these classes to add some variety to your college application.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many political careers:

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