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Take these subjects in high school if you want to become a police officer

Online classes make it easy to prep for a career as a police officer

A career as a police officer can be very rewarding. You’ll have the opportunity to save lives and make a real difference in your community, and your work days will be anything but routine. Working as a police officer also comes with an attractive salary and benefits package, and there’s a demand for qualified law enforcement officers in every part of the nation.

There are many different ways to serve as a police officer, including local or state police, school resource officer, police detective, crime scene investigator, victim advocate, fish and game warden, transit and railroad officers and more.

Our online curriculum includes all the classes you need to prepare for a successful career in law enforcement. Choose full-time or part-time enrollment, study at your own pace, get a head start on college with our online AP classes or finish up your high school diploma online.

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High school classes for police officers

Recommended high school classes for future police

If you already know what type of work you want to pursue, make the most of your time in high school by choosing classes that will help you get there faster. High school subjects you need to study to become a police officer include:

Math courses

A strong foundation in basic math skills are required to become a police officer, and you’ll be tested on math fundamentals like decimals, fractions, percentages and more before being accepted to a police academy. To work as an investigator you’ll need to be strong in other types of math such as algebra, geometry and statistics, which can be used in accident reconstruction, crime scene investigation and solving computer crimes.

All High School Math Courses

Science courses

Science courses teach students to apply critical thinking skills when observing the world around them. Skills like logic, reasoning and an understanding of human anatomy are all very helpful when working in law enforcement. Physics is a great course for future police officers to take, to learn about how different types of force and energy work.

All High School Science Courses

Social science courses

Social studies give students a well-rounded view of the world and human behavior. Studying how past and present political, cultural and socio-economic trends affect current events helps you understand the context of a given situation – an essential factor in peacekeeping and public safety. In addition to required coursework, students who plan on entering the police force should take Criminal Law, Psychology and Social Issues.

All High School Social Science Courses

English courses

Part of becoming a police officer is passing a civil service exam, which includes a written portion to test your observational skills, reasoning and judgment. Being able to express yourself clearly in writing is necessary not only to get into a police academy, but for reports and other written communication on the job.

All High School English Courses

Health/P.E. courses

The civil service exam also tests your hearing, sight and strength. If you pass, there will be extensive physical training and a medical exam as part of your police training. Being physically fit not only prepares you for becoming a cop, it can make you a more effective officer and even save your life.

All High School Health Courses

Do you need a college degree to be a cop?

High school classes for police officers

Online classes teach self-motivation, time management & accountability - all attributes that will serve you well in the force.

If you want to be a police officer, at minimum you’ll need a high school diploma – though some police departments have higher education standards for applicants. Nationwide, about one third of all police have a 4-year degree and about half have a 2-year degree. Police officer with college degrees tend to make more money and better candidates for promotions.

High school students interested in becoming a police officer should choose their classes as if preparing to go to college, even if you don’t have immediate plans. Earning a diploma by meeting only the minimum graduation requirements could hurt you if you decide to pursue a degree later on.

Our free online AP classes can boost your high school GPA and even let you earn college credit while still in high school.

We’ve also created a list of recommended high school classes for admission into popular colleges in Wisconsin and nationwide.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many types of police jobs:

Create a path to a career in law enforcement with eAchieve Academy

No matter what type of job in law enforcement you’re considering, you’ll need a high school diploma to even apply. Online high school is a great option for students who work, students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting, or students who need more personalized learning to be at their best. Taking online high school classes can even help you graduate early, or finish your diploma online.

Our teachers are all Wisconsin state certified instructors with years of experience, and our curriculum is fully accredited. Best of all, our online high school is completely tuition-free for Wisconsin residents under 21 (out of state students are welcome with paid tuition).

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