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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Which high school classes to take for a career in physical therapy

How to choose online courses to prepare for PT jobs

Physical therapists have a lot of job opportunities and high potential earnings. They can work in hospitals, VA centers, or their own private clinics. Wisconsin students who want to start learning a career in physical therapy can being with eAchieve Academy FREE online charter classes.

Online classes cover all the major prerequisites for physical therapy degrees. Start preparing now with free high school classes from eAchieve.

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High School Courses for Physical Therapy

Recommended high school classes in physical therapy

To prepare for a health-related major in college, you can start by taking the right classes in high school:

Health & Physical Education courses

Begin learning about physical therapy basics with Health and PE classes from eAchieve. Our online courses include Intro to Fitness and Fitness Fundamentals, recommended for all students who want to become physical trainers. Learn the 5 Fitness Components, FITT principles, and the benefits of proper exercise technique.

These classes are each one semester and available to high school students at any grade level.

Additionally, the state of Wisconsin requires 1 credit of Health and PE to graduate from eAchieve.

All High School Health Courses

Science courses

Physical therapists work closely with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Make sure you know your anatomy and physiology with online science classes from eAchieve.

Get to know the basics of the human body with Anatomy and Physiology class. Start with the prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry. Chemistry itself has prerequisite, Algebra 1.

All High School Science Courses

Math courses

You might wonder how math is used in physical therapy. You’ll need math to better treat injuries and disabilities. Calculate angles to determine the ideal range of motion for a patient with limited mobility. Use basic algebra to determine BMI. And percentages make it easier to track patient assessments. eAchieve has the math classes you need to start your physical therapy career.

The math classes required for physical therapy careers tie into the science you need to know. Algebra is a prerequisite to Chemistry which is a prerequisite for our Anatomy and Physiology class.

All High School Math Courses

English courses

Patient exercise plans need to be easy to understand if you want to see progress between appointments. Take English classes with eAcheive to learn about concise writing techniques.

All High School English Courses

World Language courses

Expand your work opportunities with multiple languages! Bilingual physical therapists can make more money by working with patients who would otherwise need a translator. Being your own translator can make you a valuable asset to your bosses. eAchieve has world language courses in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

All High School World Language Courses

How to prepare for a career as a physical therapist

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic CareerseAchieve has career-planning resources to prepare high school students for Wisconsin’s graduation requirements for all students. We have all the classes required by the state available online! Meet service learning requirements and prepare for your physical therapy career by volunteering at a local hospital. Our career-planning makes it easy to prepare for your dream job.

Don’t forget to take fun and interesting electives for your college transcript. Classes include art, cooking, and musical instruments like guitar. Take this opportunity to learn new things you’ve always wanted to try.

Doctor of Physical Therapy programs at the nation’s top colleges & universities

eAchieve Academy graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities all over the globe. Ask our counselors for help finding the right school for your degree plan.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree programs are common at four-year universities. Prerequisites often include Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and other science-based courses. Start your college program right by having all these perquisites under your belt while you’re still in high school. You can get those classes out of the way now and focus on getting into a good college.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in the United States. Each state has different requirements for DPT certification. If you plan to live and work outside of Wisconsin, make sure your college physical therapy program will help you get your license.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many physical therapy careers:

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