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Which high school classes to take for a career in nursing

Study these subjects now to prepare for your career as a nurse

Nursing is not only a rapidly growing field in healthcare, it is also one with many different dimensions and opportunities. While nursing has traditionally been dominated by women, the number of men working as nurses is rising. With excellent starting salaries, secure employment and plenty of opportunities to advance, nursing is an increasingly popular career choice for both women and men.

It’s not at all uncommon for students in high school to have already decided they want to pursue a career in nursing. Once you’ve identified nursing as a career path you’d like to follow, you can take steps towards your goal starting right away.

eAchieve Academy has highly experienced, state-certified instructors and career-planning resources to help our students meet their academic and career goals. Motivated students who want to be nurses can benefit immensely from the course offerings and academic guidance offered at eAchieve Academy.

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what school subjects are needed for nursing

Recommended high school classes for nursing

To prepare for a nursing career, you need to take the right types of classes in high school:

Science Courses

A solid background in science is fundamental if you want to be a nurse. Enroll in the most advanced science courses you qualify for, including biology, chemistry and physics. This will help you build a strong foundation for the more advanced science courses you’ll be taking in nursing school, including anatomy and physiology.

All High School Science Courses

Math Courses

Did you know algebra is used to calculate the correct dosage for medicine? At a minimum, high school students interested in nursing should take geometry, algebra 1 and algebra 2. Being proficient in math is not only important for calculating medication dosage, but will help you during your nursing school admission examination.

All High School Math Courses

English and other subjects

To prepare for nursing school, you should take four years of English in high school. Studying a second language is also recommended. Excellent communication skills are essential for interactions with patients and the other medical professionals you’ll be working with. Other high school classes to prepare you for nursing include psychology, and courses to build your computer skills.

All High School English Courses

AP Classes

Taking AP classes in high school is a great way to prepare for more rigorous coursework in college. You can even earn college credit while you’re still in high school if you earn a high enough score on the AP exam. eAchieve offers online AP classes in science, math, world language and many other subjects.

All High School AP Courses

Other ways to prepare for your future nursing career

Wisconsin nursing students in classroom

Nursing program admissions people don’t just look at your high school classes and grades. Things like volunteering at a hospital or other healthcare facility or seeking a summer job or internship can make your application stand out. Support activities like answering phones or distributing supplies let you observe professional nurses on the job.

You can also take a CPR and first aid course or enroll in a nursing camp while in high school. Taking a nursing school pre-admission exam during high school can be good preparation if the nursing school you plan on applying to requires one – if you don’t like your first score you can take it again after six months.

How eAchieve can help you stand out to top nursing schools and colleges

Getting into a nursing program can be extremely competitive. With so many young people interested in nursing, you need every edge you can get to be admitted into a top nursing school. If you know which nursing program you want to apply to, check and see if they share information about high school prerequisites, a minimum GPA, or other requirements.

The curriculum at eAchieve mirrors what other public schools across the state offer, so you won’t miss any opportunities to take the classes most relevant to your future nursing career. You can even stay at your current high school and take one or two online high school courses each semester, to get ahead or to take advantage of courses not offered at your local school.

Students interested in really delving into a particular subject can augment their course load with AP (Advanced Placement) or Honors classes—both highly recommended for any student striving for admission to a highly selective university.

eAchieve Academy enjoys an excellent reputation for academics, and our students routinely outperform students at other online schools on the ACT test and exceed national ACT composite scores by nearly 2 points. We’re also the only online school in the country to have been included on a national news magazine’s list of America’s top high schools.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Online high school classes at eAchieve Academy can help you prepare for these in-demand nursing careers:

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